‘I’m Black First!’: Laz Alonso Wastes No Time Schooling Melyssa Ford On His Blackness

Just days before the “Detroit” actor Laz Alonso checked Charlamagne Tha God on colorism in the Black community, specifically within the Afro-Latino community, he did an interview with hosts Jason Lee and Melyssa Ford on ‘Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored’, explaining his identity.

Ford pressed Alonso about his ethnicity and was confused about why he says “We” when he’s Latino. “You keep saying we. It’s like your..kind of connection with the Black community, but you’re Cuban”, the former video vixen said to Alonso. He quickly corrected her and said, “I’m Black first.”

The award-winning actor went into depth about his identity and dropped knowledge on the two hosts. “We get caught up in where the ship dropped us off versus where the ship picked us up.” He continued, “The same boat that picked up your ancestors picked up my ancestors, only they dropped yours off here– they made a pit stop in the Caribbean and dropped mine off.” Alonso communicated that Black and Afro-Latino communities derive from the same heritage and face the same adversaries.

Alonso didn’t stop there. He had a few choice words to relay to Charlamagne after the controversial ‘Breakfast Club’ interview with Afro-Latina artist Amara La Negra.

Amara La Negra cheating

La Negra who stars on the Vh1 reality show “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami” detailed her experience as a darker-skinned latina and the colorism she’s faced in the entertainment industry compared to lighter-skinned latinas like Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

However, Charlamagne made comments which the internet found offensive. He argued that there is a market for Latinas in the music industry and many felt he discredited La Negra’s argument about colorism.

Alonso, commented on Charlamagne’s page to blast him on his misconceptions about the discrimination La Negra encountered. The two have since resolved any confusion over a phone call.

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