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Charlamagne, DJ Envy Plead Ignorance Following Backlash Over Cringe-Worthy Colorism Comments

The Breakfast Club address the backlash they received from the Amara La Negra interview filmed Monday, Jan. 22. It was implied by the Love and Hip-Hop star that rapper Cardi B‘s success was in part because she’s light-skinned in contrast to La Negra who’s having a harder time because she’s dark-skinned.

La Negra said “they always pick the lighter the ones that look like J-Los and Shakiras before they look at us. Who cares if you’re talented who cares if you’re educated, you’re always going to be the last option.” Then Charlamagne said he doesn’t see that issue in the entertainment industry. Adding, “are you sure it’s not in your mind?”

Both Charlamagne and Dj Envy claimed ignorance. Charlamagne insisted he didn’t use Cardi B to dismiss colorism, though the clip played seconds after his clarification may prove otherwise. He further offered that he thought she was discussing the entertainment industry as a whole as opposed to the Latin market in particular. Envy added that he doesn’t watch Telemundo or Univision and is therefore unaware of the discrimination darker skinned Latina women face.

Today Jan. 23, Cardi’s younger sister Hennessy came to her defense and commented on the interview by saying: “Okay I like her she’s obviously beautiful. This is the same message my sister has been trying to spread for a while now, but it doesn’t count because she’s not so dark? People f*** with Cardi because of who she is, not because she’s light skinned. I think that’s what Charlamagne was saying, a girl from her same country with her same hair in braids from the hood that had to become a stripper because it was hard for her to find a job BECAUSE IF [SIC] HER HAIR AND COLOR. […] We are woke and we’re fighting for the same rights girl.”

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