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German Woman Turning Heads for Extreme Plastic Surgery to Become a ‘Black Woman’

Martina Big began getting plastic surgery in 2012. (@Model.Martina .BIG /Facebook)

A German woman is giving a whole new meaning to Rachel Dolezal’s definition of being so-called transracial.

Model Martina Big has been gaining attention for her supposed transformation into a Black woman, thanks to cosmetic surgery. On Thursday, June 22, Big, whose real name is Martina Adam, announced she completed the next step in her journey — getting “a hair extension with curly, African hair.”

Big, who started getting plastic surgery in 2012, is looking to get butt implants and facial reconstruction next. She has already darkened her skin, dyed her hair from blonde to black, plumped her lips, got a nose job and enhanced her breasts to weigh 12 pounds, according to Access Direct.

I have great news 🙂
I had done the next step in my transformation to a black woman 🙂
Yesterday I was with an African…

Posted by Martina Adam on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fans praised her appearance, including her skin tone, which was achieved by getting a treatment to enhance melatonin production so Big could tan easily, as she explained in an April Facebook post.

But not everyone liked it.

And on her Martina Big page, people scolded her look.

Big’s transformation has been so drastic, she explained Stockholm hotel personnel didn’t believe her passport was valid.

“You know, in the last months, I changed my appearance to a Black girl with black hair,” Big explains in a June 1 Facebook video. “I like my look very much, but today there were a lot of people [saying], ‘Um, no. This is not your passport, I [won’t] give you your fight ticket’ … ‘No, you don’t get any kind of room key. This is not your passport.’ … So, I have to change, very soon, my passport, to get [officially] a Black girl.”

The model explained in April that the darkened look was “from the heart” and claimed she would use the media attention to point out the negative ideas that exist about Black people.

I would never have thought that my physical changes have caused so many discussions lately. I noticed that many…

Posted by Martina BIG on Sunday, April 30, 2017

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