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Adrienne Houghton Gets Lit Up Online After She Gives Her Thoughts On Why Men Cheat

Adrienne Houghton wants people to realize that just because a man cheats doesn’t mean he’s looking for sexual gratification. During Thursday’s episode of “The Real,” the singer said guys step outside of their relationships because of internal issues. As a result, viewers jumped in wondering why she was the authority on cheating.

“I think people don’t realize that cheating goes so much deeper than sexual satisfaction,” she says Nov. 30. “Most people don’t cheat just because they wanna have sex, it’s usually that they feel they’re missing something. And that doesn’t always mean they’re missing something from their partner. Maybe it means they’re missing something from themselves!”

Houghton added that some men have been taught to go out and rack up on sexual partners while others are genuinely looking for commitment.

But many viewers were fixated on the fact that Houghton spoke on the subject since her gospel singer husband, Israel Houghton, was forced to deny allegations of cheating on his ex-wife with the “Cheetah Girls” star.

why men cheat why men cheat

why men cheat why men cheat why men cheat

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Others gave their own reasons for why men — and women — cheat.

why men cheat

why men cheat why men cheat

And one person simply thought it was useless for women to try to figure out men at all.

why men cheat

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