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Gabrielle Union Clarifies Sexual Reciprocity Comment, Responds to Critics Shaming People’s Bedroom Habits

After Gabrielle Union faced backlash over her comments about giving some and getting some in the bedroom, the actress is clarifying what she meant. On “Sway In the Morning” last month (see clip below), Union said “a lot of women enjoy providing fellatio, but there needs to be cunnilingus. At the same, or not.” Now, the former “Being Mary Jane” star says she was referring to teenagers.

“I was talking about young, teenage girls who brag about suckin’ d— and I was like, ‘That’s dope, but like, do they eat your p—-?’” she says on Viceland’s “Desus & Mero” Thursday, Nov. 2. “I was like, wait, what? First of all, I’m 45, I’ve been f—-‘ since the late ’80s. There hasn’t been one d— in my life. But, the whole point was: don’t be a disposable mouth. If a motherf—– treats you like a disposable mouth, hit him with the 68-and-I-owe-you-one and then bounce, or reciprocity. Whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander. And sex should be mutually fun.”

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Union said she added the, “ask him to eat your ass,” comment as a joke, which folks would have understood had they read her book, “We’re Going To Need More Wine.”

However, after the “Sway in the Morning” interview there was an onslaught of jokes and criticism that Union felt compelled to respond at the time via Twitter.

“There’s millions of people that like all kinds of s—” she says to further respond the criticism. “And I would never be like,’Ew, ew.’ But what that interview did was drive a lot of people underground who like different kinds of sex. So I’m not gonna comment on what you may or may not like, or what I may or may not do because then people feel like my version is the only version — is the correct version. So whatever the hell you’re doing with a consensual adult, do you!”

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