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Gabrielle Union Keeps It Real About Women Having It All, Her Love-Hate Relationship with the Gym

Gabrielle Union says she rarely works out with husband Dwyane Wade. (James White/Health)

Gabrielle Union has a couple of things to get off her chest about fitness.

For one, she says she doesn’t believe it’s possible to have it all as a working mother and there’s nothing wrong with that in her eyes.

“A mother, to have it all, has to somehow also provide a check,” she admitted in Health magazine’s September issue. “[She has to] also be superfreak Kama Sutra down to the ground, be a size double zero, be super present in the PTA but still putting in extra hours at work. It is impossible. There are literally not enough hours. To me, having it all is not having it all and it being OK.”

Another thing Union, who is married to Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade, admits is that she is not into hitting the gym every morning.

“I’m not one of those people, like, ‘I can’t start my day without it,'” she said. “Nope. I can actually start my day beautifully sleeping in, eating some pancakes.”

Gabrielle Union’s work out focuses on her glutes. (James White/Health)

But she sacrifices dreams of oversleeping and scarfing down the syrup-covered goods because of her family’s history of diabetes and heart disease.

“Knowing what I can do to prevent that has been a huge thing,” the “Being Mary Jane” star said. “And then there’s my job. Knowing that there are people who cannot wait to circle your fat and draw an arrow to it keeps me in the gym. … So, between fearing health issues and fearing ‘Stars, they’re just like us! Look at their cellulite!’, that keeps me in the gym. Then, when I get in there, I get competitive and won’t leave. I basically have the Olympics happening in my mind with strangers. They don’t realize we’re competing, but I usually take gold. Mainly because they’ve left.”

Union’s competitiveness has paid off as her physique has been what many refer to as “body goals” online. The star, who said she’s on a squats- and protein-fueled “build-a-booty” regimen, also frequently documents her workouts on her social media channels.


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