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Food Network Chef Thinks Women Who Don’t Report Sexual Assault Aren’t ‘Brave’ and Only Create Environment for More Victims 


Food Network star Sunny Anderson has apologized for a tweet many felt was victim-blaming. The host of “The Kitchen” tweeted Saturday, Oct. 14 about how wrong it is for women not to report workplace sexual assault. She used her own experience as an example. (Read from the bottom up).

sunny anderson

Anderson initially stuck to her guns.

sunny anderson

She also questioned the motives of the women who alleged ousted film company exec Harvey Weinstein assaulted and raped them.

sunny anderson

Swiftly, Twitter users tore into Anderson.

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Bending to pressure, Anderson deleted the “polarizing and offensive” tweets.

But that did little — if anything — to quell the backlash.

The ongoing negativity led Anderson to reply to some of her critics and commenters. The cook is adamant that she is “truly sorry.”

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