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Nick Cannon Brings Up Oprah’s Association With Disgraced Producer Harvey Weinstein Following Her Interview With Michael Jackson Accusers

Nick Cannon doesn’t seem to like that documentaries on R. Kelly and Michael Jackson have been made, which are about both singers allegedly committing sexual abuse, Kelly with underage girls and Jackson with young boys.

Not only that, but Cannon wants to know when the spotlight will be turned on Harvey Weinstein, the former Hollywood producer who was accused by multiple women, including a number of celebrities, of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. Weinstein is under indictment in New York on five felony charges of sexual misconduct.

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Was just wondering… 🤷🏾‍♂️

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“Hey y’all, what time does surviving Harvey Weinstein come on???” wrote Cannon on Saturday March 9 over a photo of Winfrey kissing the disgraced producer.

The child sex abuse charges surrounding Jackson, which first came to light decades ago, resurfaced when the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland” aired on March 3–4. Winfrey, who was a victim of child sexual abuse herself, interviewed Jackson accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck in an hour-long segment on HBO and her OWN network than ran immediately after the documentary concluded.

When the discussion was over, a lot of people blasted Winfrey for speaking to the two men and also for saying “It’s time to say goodbye to Michael Jackson” in a March 1 Instagram post.

Mo’Nique also blasted the former talk show host for the interview and, like Cannon, brought up Winfrey’s association with Weinstein.

Cannon’s post about Winfrey sparked all kinds of comments from his followers, who agreed and disagreed with him.

@flowerchild_83 why hasn’t she spoke out on her platform about Harvey as yet??? But she spoke out about MJ🤔 it’s for ratings she knows she wouldn’t get the same attention on tv,” one person wrote.

“Sad. New charges were announced today,” someone else followed. “He’s facing 63 years. As a celebrity, you should really do better with educating yourself before posting something like this. It’s perpetuating misinformation. All this so that you can defend accused abusers? Disappointing.”

At this time, Winfrey hasn’t responded to Cannon.

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