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D.L. Hughley On Race In America: ‘There Was Always This Hate’


If there’s anyone we can trust to keep things real — and real funny — it’s D.L. Hughley.

The comedian always unapologetically makes his opinion known, especially when it comes to racism. Now, he’s done it again when addressing everything from the N-word to white privilege.

“There was always this hate. There’s always these simplistic arguments,” he tells VladTV Tuesday, Sept. 5. “When I hear [white] people go, ‘Well, you Black people say n—- and so we say it. You say it in hip hop culture all the time.’ ‘N—- has been in the American lexicon since the early 1600s. Hip hop [has] been around since 1973. What came first? N—- or the Sugar Hill Gang?”

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Hugley blamed such thought processes on “angry white people” who aren’t experiencing gainful finances.

“If you’re broke and white in America, you have wasted your whiteness,” he says. “You should put it on eBay [and] sell it to some n—- who can use it.

“How did you blow a 400-year head start?”

Check the clip above for more of Hugley’s daring perspective.


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