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D.L. Hughley On His Debbie Reynolds Tweet: ‘You Voted for Trump But You Mad at Me for Telling a Joke’

After sparking a social media maelstrom last week, comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley says he will not delete his controversial Debbie Reynolds’ tweet to appease critics.

During a short chat with TMZ, Hughley said he doesn’t mind that people may not find him funny and encourages his critics to find other comedians that may suit their interests.

“I would never take a tweet down because someone gets mad at it. F–k that,” he says. “That’s silly. You voted for Trump, but you mad at me for telling a joke. F–k that. That’s silly.”

Hughley’s comments come nearly a week after he tweeted that Black mothers accept the fate of their dying children. And they continue praising God despite the heartache.

On Dec. 27, famed “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher died from heart failure. While in the midst of preparing her daughter’s final send-off, Debbie Reynolds, a legendary singer, dancer and actress famous for 1952’s “Singing In The Rain” died a day later.

However, the comedian says that he did not intent to be insensitive to their deaths. He said that his attempt was to just tell a joke.

“I tell jokes. If people don’t dig them, that’s their prerogative,” he says. “By definition, most comedy tends to be insensitive. I can understand if people don’t dig them. And if they don’t, I’m not the cat they should listen to.”


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