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D.L. Hughley Questions Outrage for Kathy Griffin When Ted Nugent Took Aim at Obama

D.L. Hughley has one word to describe the outrage against Kathy Griffin for holding a mock bloodied head of President Donald Trump: hypocritical.

“I think she told a joke and if they didnt like it, f— ’em and I think, ultimately, if you got mad at Kathy Griffin and didn’t say s— about Ted Nugent, you’re a hypocrite,” Hughley tells Splash News Friday, June 2. “One, Kathy Griffin held up a head that looked like Donald Trump and she got fired from CNN. Ted Nugent threatened to kill a president and he got invited to the White House. So, I just think it’s ridiculous. The things we choose to be offended by is amazing to me.”

During a 2007 onstage rant, Nugent railed against Obama saying, “He’s a piece of s—. I told him to suck on my machine gun.” The musician recently described the sentiment as an “outrageous metaphor” and condemned Griffin’s actions.

Griffin has been on an apology tour and Hughley believes her feelings of being bullied are only there because she allows it.

“I think every time a comic apologizes, every time somebody apologizes for telling a joke, a comedian loses his balls,” he says.

Lile many others, the comic, who is currently on tour with Cedric The Entertainer and George Lopez, wasn’t sympathetic toward Barron Trump, the President’s 11-year-old son who was reportedly terrified of seeing the Griffin video.

“Was Barron equally as appalled when he imitated the handicapped guy or when he talked about grabbing p——?” Hughley says. “You can’t have kind of a selective offense.”


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