D.L. Hughley Praises Black Mothers’ Strength In Wake of Debbie Reynolds’ Death, Receives Backlash

DL Hughley and Debbie Reynolds (Wikimedia Commons)

Comedian D.L. Hughley ignited a Twitter firestorm after tweeting in praise of Black mothers’ strength after their children die following Debbie Reynolds’ death.

The 84-year-old actress died Wednesday, Dec. 28, just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died at 60 of heart failure. In reaction to the news, Hughley proclaimed Black mothers survive their children’s deaths and although they grieve, the women accept their kids’ fate.

Approximately 30 minutes after the radio host shared his thoughts in the early hours of Thursday, Dec. 29, Twitter users hit back at the remarks.

Erick Fernandez attempted to inject humor in his response with this photo.

@DancesWidLesbos criticized what he felt was a belittling of the deaths of the “Singin’ In The Rain” star and the “Star Wars” icon.

Jenny Han simply shared this GIF.

@T_dot_Lee_PhD thought Hughley’s message was vile.

User RussiaPersuadedKitty thought Hughley’s tweet could have been meant to degrade white women.

Linda Mitchell shared she was tired of such a stereotypical portrayal of Black women.

Jäkë deadpanned that Reynolds’ age likely influenced her death more than her race.

Meanwhile, @Suite_Tea took the time to diss D.L.’s comedy skills.

Jamie Freeman expressed her hurt over the comic’s tweet.

Regardless of the backlash, Hughley stood by his statement and defended himself against naysayers.

Plus, he had at least one supporter.

@GayPrizon declared Hughley could say whatever he pleased.

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