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Issa Rae Has a Hilarious New Proposal for a TV Series: ‘This Gossip Girl Is Black, B—-!’

It may take some thinking to figure out when the last time was that we saw a TV series strictly focusing on the lives of Black teenagers.

But “Insecure” creator/star Issa Rae has spent some time on that and has come up with an idea to bring Black teen stories to the 21st century. (To her recollection, the last Black teen series was the 1990s sitcom “Moesha.“)

“Think ‘90210’ or ‘Gossip Girl’ for Black kids,” says the actress in a clip for The New Yorker about her television fantasy. “It could be called ‘Ladera Heights 90041,’ ‘Winsor Hills 90043.’ It could be, ‘Potomac, Md., 20854.’ That’s the real s—.”

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Rae explained the main character of this drama would focus on a teen named Lil’ Richie who wants to achieve more than just wealth. Other characters would include one who is “always on her hoe s—” and exclude goody two-shoes types.

“I don’t think since ‘Moesha’ have we followed the lives of Black teens,” Rae says. “Where’s our ‘Gossip Girl’? This ‘Gossip Girl’ is Black, b—-! How ’bout that? That’s the tagline.”

And it looks like Twitter users couldn’t agree more.

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