Former 'Moesha' Actress Yvette Wilson Battles Terminal Disease

Actress and comedian of popular sitcom ’90s show “Moesha” Yvette Wilson, is determined to survive the battle of her life. battling terminal illness, is determined to survive the battle of her life.  Wilson, who played “Andell Wilkerson” on the hit starring Brandy, has Stage 4 cervical cancer and is in dire need of funds in order to pay her mounting medical bills.

Wilson, who also co-starred in such memorable films such as “House Party 2,” “House Party 3,” and ”Friday,” is not only battling cancer but has also been plagued with kidney problems. Since Wilson’s kidneys are failing, she needs a kidney transplant as well.

A former cancer survivor and friend Jeffrey Pittle, a stage 4 cancer survivor himself, created a website for Wilson. You can visit and donate to the Yvette Wilson Fund here.

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