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Man Gets Ruthlessly Bashed on Twitter When He Proclaims Issa Rae ‘Better Not Be a 10’ On the Beauty Scale

Issa Ray is always looking good with her popping curls.

Actress and writer Issa Rae didn’t stand for a man blatantly bashing her looks through a rating system and when she hit back, many rallied behind her.

The incident happened two days after the season two premiere of Rae’s hit HBO series, “Insecure.” A Twitter user named D.J. disagreed with another man’s praise of the star’s beauty Monday, July 24.

And since Rae was tagged in the thread, she chimed in to make her presence known.

A chorus of support followed.

However, others chided D.J. for bringing up Rae’s looks at all, and he ultimately protected his Twitter account, likely as a result of the backlash.

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