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Beauty Blogger Describes Asians as ‘Ching Chongs,’ Twitter Users Force Her to Shut Down Online Presence

Chanel Brusco, also known as Cocomadkilla, shut down or privatized her online accounts after accusations of racism. (@Cocomadkilla/Instagram)

A Switzerland-based beauty blogger landed in hot water when she referred to Asians using a pejorative phrase and her apology didn’t make matters any better.

Chanel Brusco, known as Cocomadkilla online, posted about the Korean cosmetic brand Glowrious, on a July 1 blog and marveled at the makeup available in Asia. She seemed to drive home how distant the continent is by describing people who live there as “‘Ching chongs’ with the black hair and funny clothes” who “many of us don’t always understand.”

The post was captured as a screenshot by the Twitter account E & SE Asian Beauty and went viral Tuesday, July 18, with many slamming Brusco.

Cocomadkilla apologized soon after, making note of her friends of “different origins and cultures” and declaring she is “against any kind of racism.”

Brusco’s statement didn’t cause Twitter users to warm up to her and the YouTuber has since made her Instagram account private and closed her website.

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