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Graffiti Artist Depicts Black Women in Traditional Korean Garb

Artist Royal Dog paints Black girl in mural (@royaldog_ Instagram)

Artist Royal Dog paints Black girl in mural (@royaldog_ Instagram)

Korean graffiti artist Royal Dog is drawing attention for his murals of Black women in traditional Korean dress. The 27-year-old from Seoul, Korea has posted several works of art on his Instagram showcasing Black femininity.

Each work features Black women donning various hairstyles – whether their hair is braided in cornrows or in a big afro. The look is contrasted by the Hanbok – classical Korean attire – each woman wears. And, florals are emphasized in many of the works.

For example, Royal Dog’s – real name Christian – piece in Seoul, Korea shows a Black woman with voluminous curly hair. The words, “I am spring, you are [a] flower. (And you have bloomed in me),” are written beside her. Purple flowers accent the image.

The artist’s piece in the San Francisco, California art district depicts a young Black girl in the dress holding flowers. The words along the side of it read, “You’ll be a blessing,” reflecting the artist’s religious ties.

Meanwhile, Royal Dog’s profile image of a dark-skinned Black woman in Los Angeles contains the caption, “the flower has bloomed.”

Additionally, his description for his light-skinned, straight facing muse goes as follows.

“Every flower [sic] should be shaken before coming out.”

The image, like his other projects above, is located in The Container Yard. The California attraction is a performance venue that includes retail and restaurant options.

While speaking to The Container Yard, Royal Dog described what the phrase on the mural means.

“If you want to be successful you have to go through all the sufferings and tough stuff,” he said. In the interview, the artists noted it’s important to spread messages through his paintings.

But he has not limited himself to only showing Black women in his art.

Other work includes a Los Angeles mural dedicated to rappers Jay Z, T.I. and the late Big Pun.


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