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Azealia Banks Avoids Jail Time by Agreeing to Anger Management, Mental Health Assistance

Azealia Banks’ case won’t go to trial after she struck a plea deal. (Jeffrey McHale/Vimeo screenshot)

A judge has ordered rapper Azealia Banks, who made headlines over the past several months for bizarre incidents, to complete an anger management course and continue her mental health treatment as part of a plea bargain.

After missing and rescheduling court dates, Banks pled guilty to third-degree assault in exchange for a deferred no-jail sentence. The deal stems from a case where Banks allegedly bit the breast of a female club bouncer who didn’t recognize her in December 2015, according to Page Six. The last-minute agreement means the 25-year-old will need to complete an anger management program, continue mental health treatment, abide by a full order of protection and avoid anymore run-ins with the law. If Banks complies, her assault conviction, a crime with a punishment of up to one year in jail, will be lowered to a violation of disorderly conduct.

“After conferring and working with Ms. Banks’ New York criminal attorney, we were able to negotiate and accept a plea deal,” Banks’ entertainment attorney John Vafa told music website Pitchfork in a statement. “Ms. Banks will participate in the ordered courses by the district attorney and the judge for 26 weeks.”

Banks’ deal comes after a recent revelation about a violent incident with her sister. Assistant District Attorney Shea Donato shared Friday, March 10, that the troubled star slashed her sister in the neck, arm and hand in 2008. Donato also brought up Banks’ alleged altercation with actor Russell Crowe at a California hotel in October 2016.

In December, Banks alarmed fans when she posted an Instagram video of her cleaning up a blood-drenched closet after allegedly sacrificing chickens as part of her witchcraft.

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