Azealia Banks Reveals She’s Been Practicing Witchcraft for 3 Years

In an alarming video, rapper Azealia Banks revealed she planned to clean up chicken’s blood used for witchcraft during the past three years.

Banks uploaded the alarming video onto her Instagram page Friday, Dec. 30. In it, the MC is seen wearing goggles and telling viewers she is about to clean up “three years worth of brujería,” the Spanish word for “witchcraft, from a closet-sized space. It is unclear where exactly Banks is standing, but she shows what seems to be a heavily bloodied room littered with chicken feathers.

“It’s about to go down,” Banks says in the 44-second clip. “Real witches to real things.”

Then, the Harlem, New York, native readies a sandblaster and begins filing away at the thick layer of blood.

There’s no explanation given for why or when Banks began performing what Twitter speculated were chicken sacrifices, but one user noted her practice is nothing new.

Additionally, stunning images the rapper posted showed her prepping for the task, including one photo of the Afro-Cuban Palo religious word for ancestors, “bakulu,” written on the wall.

KenJac captured that and other screenshots for his tweet reacting to the ritual.

Other Twitter users also shared their thoughts on the custom.

@shayfromonline decided not to get involved in the topic.

While Ryanna thought Bank’s clip put her life into perspective.

Seemingly alluding to the rapper’s highly controversial year — which included a fallout between her and hip-hop artist RZA, a reported spat with actor Russell Crowe and the loss of her Twitter account — Genesis had this to say.

Lord LaFlare imagined how chickens would feel if they came across the alleged sacrificial space.

Leah Taylor wondered how Banks would be able to get the house off the market if she ever decided to sell it.


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