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Conservative TV Viewers Outraged Over ‘black-ish’ Again — This Time Over ‘Anti-Trump’ Episode

A new promo for an upcoming episode of ABC’s hit sitcom “black-ish” has caused anger among some NFL fans. As football aficionados settled into their sofas Saturday, Jan. 7 to take in the Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans wild-card game on ESPN, they were outraged over a post-election TV spot for the comedy airing on its sister channel.

The new “black-ish” episode debuting Wednesday, Jan. 11 is called “Lemons” and it deals with the post-election tumult that erupts in the Johnson household. In the clip above, main character and father of four Andre Johnson is seen with his co-workers expressing disappointment in a white co-worker who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

“I voted for Trump,” the white colleague says as Wanda Sykes’ character, Daphne Lido, recoils.

“I’m a racist?” the woman continues, with Dre imploring her not to use the following excuse. “I have Black friends!” she says. Meanwhile, the boardroom shouts in dismay.

In reaction to the scene in the promo, pro-Trump Twitter users shared their furor.

NevadaTeaParty encouraged its followers to boycott the series and make their thoughts about it known.

Bob Koss accused ABC of attempting to grow its audience by airing “Lemons.”

Matt Falk defended Trump voters by saying not all of them subscribe to racist views.

WovesandSheep questioned why ESPN continued to play what he deemed an “anti-Trump commercial.”

Darrel tagged ABC in his tweet to let them know how disturbed he was by the Black family comedy and demanded it halts the insults against white people.

This is just the latest criticism of “black-ish” unleashed by conservative Twitter users. Most recently, the show’s Halloween episode where Dre declined to use an elevator with a white child on it launched a tirade of messages accusing it of degrading white people.

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