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Racist Trump Supporter Throws Hissy-fit over Seat on Subway: ‘Put Them Back in The F*****g Fields’ 

A Donald Trump supporter and a Black female train passenger got into a heated, profanity-laced exchange over an empty seat on a New York City subway last week.

In the 2-minute clip, the man stomps his feet like a child protesting being sent to timeout, yells and scream as the woman defends her right to sit down.

The Black woman calls the man a “b****,” he returns the insults with a storm of “c***” as passengers ignored the altercation.

The passenger in the beige suit and fedora shot birds at the woman before exposing his racism.

He can be heard screaming in the video, “Put them back in the f*****g fields!”

The man also screams “Donald Trump 2016!” indiscriminately.

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