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Continued Discussion of Race on ‘Black-ish’ Causes Some White Viewers to Lash Out

ABC’s “black-ish” has consistently addressed race in a daring way, and it has caused some discomfort among the show’s white viewers.

The series, which follows a successful Black father, Andre “Dre” Johnson, who is looking to create a sense of cultural identity for his family of four, debuted in 2014 to some critical reception. Still, viewers tune in weekly to see how Dre takes on racial challenges.

In an episode that aired October 13 entitled, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man,” Dre and his Black co-workers avoid taking the elevator when a little white girl is on it alone. Dre explains to his white colleagues that Black men “don’t have the luxury of being helpful because we’re instantly seen as threats.”

Earlier this year, the series reviewed police brutality in the wake of cops fatally shooting Black men, women, and children across the U.S.

And a Season two episode tackled how Dre and his wife, Rainbow, prevent their son’s expulsion after their child used the n-word during a school performance.

So on Twitter during the sitcom’s annual Halloween episode Wednesday, one user accused the show of degrading white people.

@MissinBreitbart fired off several messages dissing “Black-ish” as “an unwatchable racist show.”

When asked to explain what makes the sitcom racist, @MissinBreitbart claims it makes “all the white people look like morons.”

Then, other white users began defending “Black-ish.”

Charles Clymer said he never thought the series “makes white folks look like morons.”

“I think you’re projecting your insecurity,” he continued. “Put a check on it.”

Gena Lennon seemed to dismiss @MissinBreitbart’s accusation as feeling “sensitive” to deeper topics the show discussed, like issues about race.

Non-white users also jumped into the fray.

@KaylinWinters2 said “Black-ish” isn’t racist.

“It’s one of the few shows that portrays Black families in a good light,” she added. “Bet you think BET is racist too, huh?”

Mr. Mayeston deemed claims of racism “ridiculous.”

Still, at least one other user agreed with @MissinBreitbart.

AntiRacist Hitler called “Black-ish” a “garbage racist show for morons.”


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