This 19-Year-Old Challenges a Reporter on the Reasons Why Black People Were Better Under Jim Crow


A 19-year-old Donald Trump supporter dives into a litany of reasons why Black people were better off during Jim Crow and how slavery saved Black Americans from the horror of Africa.

The 7-minute clip first aired during the Nov. 4 edition of “The Young Turks.” While the supporter touches on how Trump has angered Democrats and Republicans, things get really interesting around the 3:50 mark. At this point, the supporter, named Simon, gives his take on issues plaguing the Black community.

Simon insists that Black people had it better in the 1950s during the height of segregation and Jim Crow.

“… America was more prosperous for the majority of Americans. Now, there was the issue of the African-Americans… If you look at Thomas Sowell [professor and economist], to him the African-American community was still better when you had that type of racism… [Black people] were doing better than they are today.”

Later on, the supporter claims that there is no institutional racism in Germany because there is not any hip-hop culture. He adds that Great Britain has similar problems as the U.S., because Black people in both nations like rap.

However, his final statements are astounding.

“… A lot of people try to guilt white people about the slavery thing. [But] many cultures — non-white particularly — that own and sell slaves today … [Black people] still had better lives [in America] than they did back in Africa,” Simon says. “Cause [white Americans] have given them all those freedoms.”

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