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After Battling to Get Back to Work in Hospital, Kanye West ‘Getting Some Rest’ at Home

Kanye West (Kenny Sun/Flickr)

Kanye West (Kenny Sun/Flickr)

Since Kanye West’s hospitalization on Nov. 21, the rapper has shown no signs of stepping back from music, but now he is recovering at home.

After spending Thanksgiving at UCLA Medical Center, West urged his wife to allow him to work during his stay. A source told Us Weekly the “Famous” rapper wanted to record music and review fashion designs, but Kim Kardashian-West encouraged him to relax instead.

“Kanye keeps wanting to work,” the source revealed. “At the hospital, he requested that recording equipment be brought to the hospital so he can record in his bed. And he has kept asking to see sketches of his fashion lines. He continues to want to work and Kim has to keep telling him to rest.”

Atlanta Black Star reported an ambulance transported the 39-year-old West to the hospital, handcuffed to a gurney, after he acted “erratically” at a trainer’s home. He received a mental evaluation following a series of in-concert rants criticizing Kid Cudi, Jay Z and Beyoncé. West ultimately called off his “Saint Pablo Tour” just before his hospitalization, which came around the ninth anniversary of his mother Donda West’s death.

But an insider told People magazine the father of two is resting at home as of Thursday, Nov. 30.

“Kanye is at home with Kim and the kids,” the source said. “He seems okay and happy to be home. Kim’s family is visiting. Kanye will continue to receive treatment and help with how to cope with stress. He needs to learn how to better balance his work and family life.”

Aside from his mother’s passing in November 2007, the source speculated Kardashian-West remaining out of the spotlight after her reported robbery and not joining her husband on tour could have caused his decline.

“Without having Kim by his side during the tour as planned,” the insider said, “Kanye wasn’t able to snap back. Kim being absent because of her own struggles seems to be why things are different with Kanye this time.”

Additionally, a separate source disputed reports that West was hospitalized against his will. They noted he “went to the hospital at will under the advice of his physician” unrestrained.

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