Brandon Marshall to End Protest of National Anthem But ‘Not Because Everything is Perfect’

Brandon Marshall (@bmarshh54 Instagram)

Brandon Marshall (@bmarshh54 Instagram)

Denver Broncos player Brandon Marshall announced he will rise for the national anthem going forward.

In September, Atlanta Black Star reported white NFL fans became livid over the athlete kneeling in protest of the “Star Spangled Banner.”

But at a postgame interview, Marshall explained to NBC Sports he was not against the military, police or America.

“I’m against social injustice,” he remarked. As he continued to kneel, Marshall ultimately lost sponsorship deals from two companies. But Russell Simmons revealed he planned to endorse him for taking a stand.

However, the wide receiver’s demonstration has now come to an end. On Instagram Nov. 6, Marshall explained why he will no longer kneel during the US song.

“I’m encouraged [by] the many productive discussions and progress that has taken place as the Denver Police department has decided to review its use of force policy,” Marshall said, referencing his meeting with local officers in September. “Going forward, I will be standing for the National Anthem – not because everything is perfect, or because I’m changing my stance on things. But because of my hope for what we can become.”

However, he made it clear standing for the national anthem did not signal and end to issues of injustice. Marshall noted he will continue to work with Black community organizations.

“One of those organizations is the Idriss Stelley Foundation, a grassroots organization in the Bay Area that offer free support to victims of police violence,” he wrote. “I’ll be standing for them – and the family of the late O’Shaine Evans – on Sunday night.”

Marshall’s Instagram post provides information on Evans, whom San Francisco, California police shot and killed in 2014. According to SF Gate, Officer David Goff shot Evans seven times. He claimed the 26-year-old Jamaican immigrant directed an unloaded firearm towards him.

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