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Serena and Venus Williams to Help Compton ‘Thrive’ with Resource Center for Victims of Violence

Serena and Venus Williams (Wikipedia Commons)

Serena and Venus Williams (Wikipedia Commons)

Serena Williams and Venus are teaming up to open the Yetunde Price Resource Center for violence victims in their hometown. Named after their late older sister, who died in a 2003 gang shooting, the center will launch in Compton, California. An opening date has not been announced, but construction is close to completion.

According to EurWeb, the Olympic tennis stars created the Williams Sister Fund to collaborate on charity endeavors. Its establishment made YPRC possible. The center will produce an all-encompassing system to connect violence victims to services for relief. Each adult, family or child will receive a personalized help plan on how to move forward.

In a statement, Mayor Aja Brown called the Resource Center an “incredible investment and commitment” from the Williams sisters to help Compton “thrive.”

“The Resource Center will serve as vital support to existing non-profits and organizations that provide critical services to our community,” Brown said, noting YPRC will not replace the current facilities like it. “I am confident that the Resource Center will play a major role in breaking down silos in our community by facilitating key partnerships to increase asset leveraging and expanding the impact of services.”

The center provides a much-needed resource for violence victims in the city. However, Atlanta Black Star reported some of the fury has decreased thanks to older members of local gangs launching the Gang Reduction, Youth Development project last year. Additionally, rapper The Game created a petition in July urging the Bloods and Crips gangs to institute a cease-fire.

Aside from YPRC, Serena and Venus will also partake in the Healthy Compton 2016 Community Festival on Nov. 12. The fest is hosted by Brown and will honor the Grand Slam winners. Additionally, it will include health screenings, sports clinics and giveaways. And, a sponsorship from Gatorade will provide two refurbished tennis courts to the city, dedicated to Serena and Venus.

Because of the Healthy Compton event and the completion of the Resource Center, the Williams sisters will make their first return to Compton since 2003.

“I commend the Williams sisters for bringing their support and resources back to the City of Compton,” Neighborhood Housing Services of L.A. County CEO Lori R. Gay said in a statement. “As we are nearing the completion of our 28,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Center for Sustainable Communities in the city of Compton, we look forward to collaborating with the Yetunde Price Resource Center to improve the quality of life for Compton residents.”

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