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Father of Korryn Gaines’ Son Speaks Out About the Shooting a Month Later


A month after the shooting death of Baltimore resident Korryn Gaines by police, the father of 5-year-old Kodi Gaines speaks out about the August standoff.

In an exclusive interview with WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore News, Corey Cunningham tells reporters that he is still waiting for answers regarding the Aug. 1 shooting.

A month ago, Baltimore County Police went to Gaines’ home to serve arrest warrants for incidents that occurred earlier this year.

However, they were met with a shotgun when the 23-year-old threatened to shoot an officer. But police fired first, killing Gaines while her son hid in a closet.

“I want to know why they shot first. Who gave the authorization? Who said it was OK to take a shot with a 5-year-old walking around the apartment?” says Cunningham.

The distraught father reveals that his son was shot in the cheek by BCP. There was also shrapnel in Kodi’s arm.

“The round was in his face, his lower cheek, and he also had material in his arm,” he states. “He was in the house. That’s what really matters. He was in the house. Why shoot? Why do anything when there is a 5-year-old running around? He’s five. He doesn’t know anything about that and, of course, he is going to run to his mom because he is scared. So why would you do anything with a 5-year-old in the house?”

Now, Cunningham is taking legal action.

His attorney, Kenneth Ravenell, wants to know why officers shot Gaines within six hours but refused to do that in a case 16 years ago.

Ravenell tells the reporter that BCP waited four days in the Joe Palzcynski hostage drama in 2000. The attorney is using that case to show racial bias in Gaines’ shooting.

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