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Black Baltimore Woman Killed in Police Standoff, Twitter Erupts with Racist Trolls Defending Police Action


A 23-year-old Black Baltimore, Maryland woman was shot dead and her 5-year-old son was wounded by police Monday afternoon in a standoff over arrest warrants.

According to CBS Baltimore and The Baltimore Sun, the woman identified as Korryn Gaines was being served arrest warrants for incidents that occurred earlier this year.

Gaines was charged for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and multiple traffic violations, multiple sources report.

Officers were unable to get into Gaines’ apartment without obtaining a key from the landlord. When they opened the door, officers found Gaines with a gun and her 5-year-old son in her arms.

In a news conference, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson said officers heard a man, Gaines, and a crying child while attempting to make the arrest. Police also say the woman pointed a gun at them and threatened to kill them.

Then an officer shot her. Gaines returned fire and police fired again, killing the 23-year-old, Johnson said.

Family members are in disbelief and say this event does not represent Gaines.

The Baltimore Sun also reports that the Baltimore Police Department is not aware if officers wore body cams during the standoff.

The death of the Baltimore resident has set Twitter ablaze. Trolls are discrediting her, activists are defending her humanity and others are asking why Gaines’ social media profiles are disabled.













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14 thoughts on “Black Baltimore Woman Killed in Police Standoff, Twitter Erupts with Racist Trolls Defending Police Action

  1. Von Bailey says:

    Well, the police said that she was threatening them with a gun so it must be true. After all, they were wearing uniforms. A cop wouldn't lie while wearing the uniform and dishonor it.

    Now from the real world? Cops lie all the time and the lack of cameras, given that they are supposed to be wearing them, is suspicious. I don't believe them for a second.

  2. just another POS that tried to resist arrest, Are these People just to stupid to Learn?

  3. John Carson says:

    blacks need to be sterilized!

  4. Jim McBride says:

    the busted through the door without identifying themselves …wouldn't you be scared and want to defend yourselves from those assholes if you could?

  5. Jim McBride says:

    Tonja L. Scott-Pate ha ha ha well said

  6. The deletion of her social media looks more like they are covering up evidence of her murder when she was unarmed and the shooting of her child. This sounds eerily like the Laquan Macdonald case where they tried to cover he video evidence. We seen in the Baton Rouge shooting of police officers, that if there was anything that would show the cops innocence, they would release it already.

  7. Louis Byron says:

    Dude…nice try. They were banging on the door and calling for them to open the door for close to 1/2 hour before they got a key from the landlord to open the door. They were totally valid arrest warrants. So what, because of racism, Black folks are no longer subject to validly issued judicial warrants? The fools were playing "if we quiet, maybe they go away". But the cops could clearly hear they were inside and told them that they were going to get a key from the landlord. They open the door to find a mother holding her child in one arm and a gun in the other arm. And now a kid is motherless, injured, and I am sure traumatized. Not because of racist cops. But because of an angry, in-your-face, willing to put her child at the risk of death mother. When Black folks (and some White folks as well) vehemently defend this woman, they completely gut their credibility when it comes to discussion of real cases of police brutality towards Black folks.

  8. Jim McBride just can't wait to Play Cowboy and Niggas.

  9. Jim McBride says:

    Hernan Dayoleary let me guess, they were "afraid for their lives" at the hands of a mommy

  10. Paul Gayheart no let's play Tea and Crackers….a nice sociable game

  11. Lalanya Love says:

    Jim McBride SHE WAS NOT SCARED … she was standing up against them intentionally without any fear of doing so. She knew the consequences – and that is a whole different thing. But knowing this, she was ready to die for her fight. She also had a gun … that's the only reason police just didnt come in and arrest her. And another thing for all those claiming mentally ill or whatever- she was a very clear thinking individual who had the mental capacity to learn about the sovereign citizen movement & clearly chose this path. This shows free-thinking and a higher mental function occuring, caught right on video she recorded of herself. Other than consciously choosing to defy police as a rule of thumb — there was nothing else in any videos that show her acting irrational or having any irrational thoughts other than she had preconceived notions about police- but she fully understood what was happening in each interaction with them.

  12. Lalanya Love says:

    Yeah and so they waited 7 long hours because she had NO gun. That would make no sense now would it.

  13. Lalanya Love says:


  14. Von Bailey says:

    Lalanya Love I have no idea because the police are not credible. They lie, which is why they are supposed to wear body cameras. She may well have had a gun, but we'll never know as there will never be a trial because the cops killed her.

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