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#KorrynGaines’ Son Tells His Side of Monday’s Standoff from Hospital Bed

In recently released footage, the 5-year-old son of Baltimore, Maryland resident, Korryn Gaines, speaks out about Monday’s standoff while recovering in the hospital from gunshot wounds.

In the video, Kodi Gaines says that his mother told him to leave with his father but he insisted that he stay. So he hid in a closet.

While, reports claimed that Gaines may have used her son as a “human shield,” the 5-year-old’s testimony refutes that. Kodi’s testimony also confirms reports that officers kicked down the door instead of using a key from the landlord.

The most startling development from the video puts the Baltimore Police in a bad light.

Kodi said that when he came out of the closet officers shot at him while he ran.

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