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#KorrynGaines’ Son Tells His Side of Monday’s Standoff from Hospital Bed

In recently released footage, the 5-year-old son of Baltimore, Maryland resident, Korryn Gaines, speaks out about Monday’s standoff while recovering in the hospital from gunshot wounds.

In the video, Kodi Gaines says that his mother told him to leave with his father but he insisted that he stay. So he hid in a closet.

While, reports claimed that Gaines may have used her son as a “human shield,” the 5-year-old’s testimony refutes that. Kodi’s testimony also confirms reports that officers kicked down the door instead of using a key from the landlord.

The most startling development from the video puts the Baltimore Police in a bad light.

Kodi said that when he came out of the closet officers shot at him while he ran.

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27 thoughts on “#KorrynGaines’ Son Tells His Side of Monday’s Standoff from Hospital Bed

  1. Kesha Virge says:

    OMG.. Their "side" never made much sense.

  2. Damn shame this baby went thru to much at the age of 5

  3. Mike Kirkham says:

    In the video from the car when she was pulled over she can be heard you fight the cops. You don't take it from them you fight them. How in the hell was this child supposed to be sage if the child is being to fight cops? She was an unfit mother with mental problems who putt her son in harms way. This article is just another way to get people upset about this stupid woman getting gherself killed by pointing a shotgun at an officer. I would have shot the wench too if she poitnted her gun at me as said "I'm gonna kill you". Plain and simple, point guns at cops get shot, teach your child to hate cops and nearly end his life the same. All this is her fault. People say it's over tickets. Cops come to my house for a warrant. I open the door and let them do what they need to.

  4. Lori Jones says:

    Corey Madlik sounds like you know what she was trying to teach her son, when you, sir, have no idea what she was trying to teach her son. You don't know what this woman was trying to do, unless you were in her circumstances. Stop trying to play good armchair parent from a distance. It's not helpful to the victim here, nor her son, nor anyone else. She may have had a mental illness. Let the facts become discoverable by those qualified to find them.

  5. Lori Jones says:

    Stupid, and mental illness are not the same thing. Nor is it all her fault. If she had two broken legs and was unable to take her son to safety, we wouldn't be saying, "stupid" mother, we would be saying, unfortunate, mother. Poor mother. Have compassionate for the mentally ill. This poor mother was fighting demons that none of us can understand. You say you open the door. Good for you. You must not have a mental illness. Wench? is that the word you, supposedly a good parent, teach your children to use for the mentally ill? May we now judge you for your intelligence as to being a fit parent for how you to teach your children to talk about the less fortunate, the ill, the mentally ill? Hmm. Sage advice to pass along to the next generation. Those who have an illness of the brain are stupid, and wenches. So, there is sexism and ignorance in your speech. Check yourself, Mike Kirkham.

  6. Why would n't the mother just open the door if the police were there to make sure her baby would be safe. I would never have done anything that might jeopardized one of my kids safety, even if it meant I'd go to jail and they'd have to go live with their Aunt or grandparents. Shame on that mom for telling her baby to hide in the closet like an animal. I don't know why the police were there, but she obviously did and chose to resist. She put her baby in harms way and that is inexcusable, and I speak as a mother of 4 sons and a daughter. I can't imagine what the little guy has been through in that household. I'd take him home and love him and keep him safe, poor little fella.

  7. Farmer Deebz says:

    "I would never have done anything that might jeopardized one of my kids safety," Just wondering if you think that Korryn did – Also just reading your comments it sounds like you are victim blaming. At this point we have seen that they lied about how they got into the residence, so why, based on the information that you have, would you doubt her parenting skills?

  8. Exactly why wouldnt the cops just be civilized… and stop treating ppl like 4th class citizens. She didnt NOT deserve to die.

  9. Corey Madlik says:

    Farmer Deebz Because she is teaching her son to hate the police. Because she got her son shot for some false narrative. Because she threatened to kill police with a shotgun. No good mother puts her son in harms way when it is easily avoidable.

  10. Corey Madlik says:

    Lori Jones Hey i'm only going off of what i know. I saw the video of her telling her son to hate the police(not an exact quote but something along the lines of anti-police talk). I think we can clearly state she wasn't a good mother… she got her son shot for zero reason lmfao. The fact that you call her the victim and her son second to her is so sickening. I don't care if she had a mental illness, doesn't excuse the fact she pointed a shotgun at the police and threatened to "kill them all".

  11. Farmer Deebz says:

    Lol "because she got her son shot for some false narrative" – can you take a look at what you wrote? How about we rewrite that statement giving agency to the actors In the situation – the police shot her son and murdered his mother. If we are looking at the situation at hand really it's bad police work. What value did the officer who pulled that trigger place on this boy's life? Cause clearly there was no regard for Korryn's. At the end of the day she may have had a gun, but of all the shots fired it seems to me she had more to fear than them.

  12. He said "He hid in the closet" where did you read he's mother his mother hid him in the closet?

  13. Wonder why some are so anxious to justify the police and to condemn the young mother and even the child.

  14. they really put that this mother use her child as a shield what a bunch of disgusting pigs, they murdered this woman and wanted to kill this child and now they're making it look like shes a monster when they are the one who are the monsters,…omg…victim blaming this is so pathetic..these murderous pigs are coming up with every excuse to justify killing people and getting away with it…

  15. Corey Madlik says:

    Farmer Deebz Tell me exactly what the cops should of done to a crazy women with a shotgun possibly holding her son hostage, also threatining to kill anyone that comes in. Please tell me how the situation could of been handled differently and why the police are at fault.

    I mean, she only had to do what she was suppose to do and this could of all been avoided, but for some reason you people always think otherwise.

  16. Farmer Deebz , No, a victim is someone who did nothing wrong and gets caught in the cross fire like the little guy did. But if as you say she was innocent of any crime, how did it reach the point where police in riot gear were outside her door. Someone said all she had was parking tickets. If that is the case, they must have been sending notices to appear I Court if they weren't paid. Why didn't she ask for a court appointed. Attorney, or go to legal aid and get help. And if she made threats to use a gun, that must have set off alarm bells with the police. I do think riot gear and breaking her door down was totally over the top,if it's true she only had parking tickets. But why didn't she get some help, if mentally ill why didn't the police get someone to talk to her, like a family member. Even people with mental illness know how to go for help.She still had custody of her son so she must have been making some good decisions. If she didn't threaten to shoot anyone, than the police were in the wrong. If she threatened to shoot, she escalated the response. I hope the truth comes out. Right now I think everything us too fired up to know what really happened. My heart breaks for the little boy, and if the mother is innocent, it's heartbreaking for her as well. When I listened to the video of the little boy, I thought he said his mom told him to go into the closet. My thoughts as a mother is that if I thought my child was in so much danger that I would want him to hide from police, I would have surrendered to protect him, and would have taken my chances in court. She obviously loved him or she wouldn't have wanted to hide him from what she perceived as danger. Why not just open the door and surrender. It's so sad.

  17. It was'nt you, you don't know how you would have reacted in that instant, she is Black you are not stop condeming her decision.

  18. Lori Jones Where is the proof she had a mental illness? Just because she acted irrationally, doesn't mean she was mentally ill. Had she been seeing a professional who diagosed her, this would be a different story. By your theory, everyone who kills or harms someone is mentally ill. Doesn't that make the officers who shot her ill too?

  19. Wonder why some are so violent and combative that they can't follow the officers orders and sort it out later in court? She brought this on herself. Riding around with a cardboard license plate when you know it's illegal started this whole process.

  20. Damn shame his mother didn't put him first and taught him to hate the police. I give him 15 yrs and he's right beside her

  21. James Green says:

    This is a beautiful baby, and it brings tears to my eyes hearing him speak on this..but even more that he's speaking as he's recovering from being shot by an officers bullet..a bullet that inches more would have resulted in his death. This hurts me to the core that the time has come where we, in this age, are still being hunted down and murdered by those who are payed by tax payers hard earned ages. The Revolution must be taken seriously..We as humanity must take our part in making sure that white supremacy crumbles!!

  22. Wanda B Wright Maybe if the police weren't shooting unarmed black people, she'd have a little trust in them. Maybe if the police force didn't originate with racists hunting runaway slaves, she'd have a little trust in them. Maybe if police officers didn't have a blue code to defend each other even when they do wrong, she'd have a little trust in them. Maybe if keyboard warriors like yourself were as quick to demand that bad cops be prosecuted for their wrongs, she'd have a little trust in them. The shame lies with you and others like you who seem to be either blind or apathetic to the systematic and precise targeting of people of color in this country.

  23. Aerial Washington You're waving your race card high I see. Do you know anyone who was a slave? Do you realize blacks kept slaves as well? This woman had no regard for the law and drove around with a carboard license plate as if the laws were only written for white people. Maybe if blacks didn't commit crime at an expotentially higher rate than other races, police would trust them. Maybe if black lives mattered do much people would be out in their communites trying to curb gang violence. I'm tired of reading every night where groups of 50-60 people are gathered to fight, the multiple shots fired nightly and other crime in predomantly black neighborhoods. You cry for this girl and can't remember a single name of a young black man killed in black on black crime. I feel sad for you and others so hyperfocused on this woman who shot at the officers and died as a result, and ignore the real issues in your community.

  24. James Green I don't even know where to start with that post. There is no two-tiered education system. Everyone starts out on the same foot at age 5 yet blacks graduate at a far lower rate. Why is that? You call them victims, I blame poor parenting. It seems the only time we hear from parents of troubled youth who walk out of class, distrupt everyone around them and have no respect for authority is when these kids are in trouble then they are only there to blame the educators. Everyone is tired of the same old victim cry from a society who continually disobeys the law and has no respect for authority. Keep blaming the system for your lack of advancement in the work place amongst other things.

    Guns are everywhere …even more so in predomantly black communities. You talk about a revolution and I ask if you're prepared if that were to happen. You demand that me and anyone else of my skin color help when all we see is crime in our communites…crime by predomantly black people and we ask why should we care when you don't?

  25. James Green says:

    Wanda B Wright hahahahaaha i find your commentary hilarious, but enlightening as typical references to inconsistencies in information that couldnt be any further from the truth. there is a two tier educational intelligence allowed me to experience both types of curriculum that is taught in predominantly black schools in the poorest of communities, as well as, the predominantly white schools in the affluent communities, and the curriculums are stark in contrast and emphasizes differences in minsets entering into the world of employment, either as an employee or as an employer.
    Your obvious lack of experience with the differences in nuances with Humanity and it's beauty shows in your lack of understanding of a plight of white people that was propagated as being specifically for Black exploitation, when there are way more whites in ghettoes than blacks..there are way more whites on welfare then blacks…there are way more whites looking for handouts than blacks…there are way more whites committing crime than black, but…. theres more blacks being convicted of the same crimes due to a system that uses the mass incarceration of melanated people as an economic ecosystem for the disenfranchised whites looking for work..thats why the prsion industrial complex has grown exponentially with Black and Brown bodies.
    ..if you seriously sought out the truth you would understand that we all seek the same things in life, but the media creates a false narrative that blacks are any more dangerous then their white counterparts. that blacks look to hurt whites in some type of way. All blacks want are the exact same opportunities as whites enjoy without the stipulations and limitations imposed.
    Research the numbers on your own instead of listening to racist propaganda from right wing conservatives. Check out a white educator named TIM WISE, and listen to what he says about race. then come back and tell me what you think.
    Hopefully you truly embrace the words and life of Christ and you allow your eyes to be open to the truth, and not allow "false prophets" to stain a religion based on God's truths, and not mankinds' prejudices. Peace and blessings

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