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Charlamagne Crushes Conservative TV Host Tomi Lahren for Rant Against Kaepernick

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On the Aug. 30 edition of “The Breakfast Club,” host Charlamagne Tha God chooses The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren for his “Donkey of The Day” segment.

Yesterday, Lahren ranted about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem.

Furthermore, she attacks his family while questioning if he has the right to protest because of his wealth.

In the segment above, the conservative host says that the quarterback should not blame white people for Black people’s problems.

“Colin, how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems [in] the minority communities?” Lahren asks rhetorically. “After all, aren’t you half white? Didn’t two white parents adopt you after yours weren’t willing to raise you? For a racist and horrible country filled with racist and horrible white people, that’s really something, isn’t it?”

However, Charlamagne points out the QB did not mention white people in his announcement about the protest.

“Tomi, when did Colin Kaepernick blame white people for anything?” He asks. “I read the 20-minute transcripts. I listened to it. He doesn’t even mention white people. [Kaepernick] says there’s things going on in this country that are unjust. And that people aren’t being held accountable for it. He said ‘People!’ He didn’t say ‘white people,’ he said ‘people!’”

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