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Tomi Lahren’s Utter Cluelessness in Response to Jesse Williams’ Speech is an Astounding Reminder of White Fragility

After actor Jesse Williams’ BET Humanitarian Acceptance Speech on Sunday’s BET Awards, a wave of white backlash has been aimed at the 34-year-old.

Conservative host of “The Blaze,” Tomi Lahren joins the ruckus by “calling out” the actor’s “racism” in a clip posted June 28 on her personal Facebook page.

Lahren believes that Williams’ speech was divisive and an opportunity to bash white people.

“Was it a celebration of Black entertainment or an opportunity to complain about the plight of wealthy Black actors and musicians?” says Lahren.

“I saw a lot of talent on that stage, but at the same time, a whole lot of victimhood,” she continues. “The BET definition of a humanitarian is someone who perpetuates a war on cops.”

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15 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren’s Utter Cluelessness in Response to Jesse Williams’ Speech is an Astounding Reminder of White Fragility

  1. Well, after looking at your Christian love page that is full of wonderful thoughts on race, I can see why you are proud of another unintelligent, bigoted person as yourself. Your kind are so bold and coming out the closet right and left. Please continue to do good work and show people the real face of god and the Christians who believe in him. Because even though that is your brother in god, your just a spit throw way from hangout my him and praising his name. Murder, hate and god. Just like you. DBD lost

  2. James Green says:

    To respond to a woman who clearly panders to the same ignorant segment of society that's FEARFUL of any Black or Brown resistance to their norm is a waste of time. Fear incites their angst, and due to that they lash out at anyone who shines light and places a magnefying glass on the historical attrocities of their race perpetrated againts the various melinated peoples across the planet who taught them everything they know, provided them with through trade or were victims of their viscious robberies for their ability to thrive. People like that are scared to death and needs to scream and shout at the top of their lungs in efforts to intimidate, but #thedayofthepassivenegroisgone ..her rant is suppose to be her rallying cry to the diaspora of like-minds and skin she appeals to, but her volume couldn't over shadow a black childs murmers for their mothers tittie. The first became the last, and now the last is becoming once again the FIRST, and we are the ORIGINAL PEOPLES of this planet..the Alfa and Omega…The First so Warrior Up my People!!

  3. Nicole Phillips theres also this thing called google and you can easily find out that his mom is Swedish. FYI the highest concentration of blue eyes is in scandinavian countries:)

  4. I love how they always talk about god, and what they have done to right the wrongs they created. A lot of nerve. I heard one white man say about Williams, "he's a black man with blue eyes", duh, your damn ansestors raped, murdered many black women. Why wouldn't there be blacks with blue eyes? Lahren's rants, are just that, what the hell does she know about slavery and the civil war. That stupid statement about white men fighting for black freedom, is the lie that's been told for too long. That damn war was fought over two types of economies, The south's, slave agricuture. The north's, industrial revolution, which they both needed man power as well. Lincolns own words were" if keeping slavery will keep the union together, then he would do this too. What ever, it took, free or slaves, this was all he cared about. The great emancipation did not occur for slaves until years after the war, in the state of Texas. Texas of all places where they celebrate June the nineteenth, or junetenth as they call it. The nation took the time between the end of the war and 19 june to create jim crow and other restrictive acts that sill are rooted in their thought process to this day. Little "girl" don't talk of things of which you don't begin to know!!


  6. Nicole Phillips "Stop trying to qualify racism." Okay. So, now we know you know and feel this truth. Now, all that is left is for you to recognize the reflection of said instance and shoot down those on your side who qualify racism from the black perspective. To me, racism is racism regardless of who sources it and, unlike that fool and tool Obama, I qualify all discrimination equally as offensive. The one thing that never fails to offend me is a person who fights against racism, or claims to, while allowing racism and discrimination from their side against their opponents. That isn't doing anything to stop racism. All that amounts to is fighting for racism because it favors you; and I despise it as thoroughly as I despise all Hitler stood and fought for.

  7. I guess this is a prime example that "Ignorance is not always bliss…"

  8. Of course if you ignore the fact that "racism" is a system designed to oppress and subjugate then you can also ignore nearly a thousand years of racism and telle and anyone else who's culture and lives, past and present, have been bent or destroyed to the will of racist White people. You currently benefit from a system that built itself in the blood, sweat and tears of non-european and continues to subjugate those people to maintain ill-gotten, undeserved privilege.

  9. Nicole Phillips Besides that His mother is a swedish white women with red hair blue eyes.

  10. Nicole Phillips Um His motherr is white…..

  11. Ron Ellis says:

    Intelligence doesn't run in your family huh

  12. Jacque Michelle Golden-Raines You first, bottom-feeder. Only a bottom-feeding sack of mindless crap would take the time to type out two lines of "Ahaha" as they start out a response and you have the stupidity to think you are right after doing so. You are filth and it is obvious by that detail alone. Why don't you learn what it means to be the person you pretend that you are before you try acting like it in the future. Until you do, Trump will always be preferable in my mind to you. Seriously, you look like a spoiled little brat who never got the business end of a belt. The most intelligent word you used was "ignorant". The rest sounds like you are 5 with the emotional capacity of a 2 year old. Grow up, ankle biter!!!

  13. Apparently, someone do not want my free speech. Ron Ellis you are one of worst types of socio-psychopath who quote scripure of a Black Jesus.. Who do you think Jesus is? He was a Black African with kinky hair, big lips and over 6"2', spoke Arabic and worshipped a most profound relugion Islamic(read your Bible and not one translated by racial bigots).

    You are the Lepros (albinos seed as seen in modern world). You are the seedcontinued evil seeds of damacus.This is how demons react blaming Black Americans from the continued actions of your forefathers(ancestors) which have continued and all of those who support and not "repent" and "seek forgiveness of those whom you enslave), therefore, the sons and daughters who carries the sins of your forefathers will be condemned into damnation, thus, say the Lord.

    This is in the Bible and I am certain that you read this passage and others in regards to who RULES and in how it was list but controllers like you will forever dilutell or deter His love for His. Read: If my people would harken to my voice . . . . . . . ; and, humble themselves unto Me(Him), thus I would make your enemies your footstool. You will be the tails and not the Head for we are of ray alts stock. H e, also, said, "To love your enemies!" Black American and those Blacks in South America and Africa even Europeanwould one day, soon will see the victory of you evil heathens.

    And, until your step back and repent the evil sins of your forefathers REPARATIONS – you have never seen wars. He did say wars and rumors if wars because of and if our notices they ALL had some EUROPEAN stain(blood) in them; and, the same mental greediness rollover snd over onto your offsprings of the future. And, the USA will never defeat those countries in northern Africa! Asian countries, such as, Afgaanstiens, Iraqi, Turkey, India, Iran, or will ever kill the Islamic religion. Why do you believe God had Abraham build Mecca? A0bram wasvond of the Lord's favorite servant, it's all your forefather's translationHe said to study to show yourselves approved. Where do you stand in the presence of God?
    This is why he allowing the bombings, deaths and fears by some white America. The atrocities your kinds have done to others because of your "greed" with your implant men's if proverty, under-education, illegal drugs brought in by greedy and desperate South Americans who would do anything to receive freebies at anyone's expenses and who are the worst types of con artists criminals who would subject their children to any obstacles to living a better life that Black Americans have slaved and we're never given a income surmount to their illegal butts and they make demands from our "laws that we fought for for over 400 years" you play things againstbB. Americans and they believe they are justifiably entitled to privileges.

    BLACK PEOPLE FOR ONE IN YOUR LIVES DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN IGNORANCE BELIEVE THAT HILARY CLINTON , TOO, HAS YOUR BEST assurance for you She just want to prove a point that she better female thsn Barack as male. She does not have the best interest for Black Americans My man DONALD TRUMP is an open BOOK and yes, being opened like this you see his weaknesses, too. But with Oled Hilliary Clinton you can trust her because in 2007 she made the same responses in which we need the borders sealed. And, ALL illegals abd they know who they are be returned. WhY I quest their personas is here a group of people who would do anything to get free stuff my question is if the Muslims are here then, how did they get here without America awareness? If believe that these people are a ridk,nthen, why sell them guns and such powerful ones?

    How do 8 year old get access to illegals weapons or illegal drugs anywhere in America. WHENĺ, a regular person who I must go though rigid scrunities because I am Black. Why?? The young male in Florida was a closet homosexual and never a terrorist. He lied to protect himself but left his poor dumb fearful wife to possibly pay for his crimes. She should have beenough read her rights of silence and I believe the scare tactics was used on her, and most likely refused her a telephone called to seek to a lawyer and enforced a comment while she was in duress. GIRL friend if it was done this way all of that is immediate in court.

  14. Jacque Michelle Golden-Raines This comment section is for those with something to say. Find something to say or buzz off with the rest of the trolls because I don't like wasting my time on losers that waste words saying nothing. Which is why Jesse Williams offends me. He wasted so many words regurgitating the racist bile of Black Lies Matter. The only thing he accomplished was to give plants something to breath; which cam be done equally with a small flame. The liars mentality he spread and reinforced completely negated that benefit.

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