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Watch Charlamagne Crush Conservative TV Show Host in Debate about Black Panthers, Racism and Black Protest

Conservative TV Host Tomi Lahren invites Radio host Charlamagne Tha God to her show to confront him on giving her the “Donkey of the Day” Award.

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53 thoughts on “Watch Charlamagne Crush Conservative TV Show Host in Debate about Black Panthers, Racism and Black Protest

  1. future Fox Bimbo! She is ssssssssssssssssssssssssso misinformed!

  2. The chick is clueless…

  3. My biggest problem is that she feels entitled to telling the black community who is and isn't appropriate for us to look to as leaders. Why would we ever need the permission of an ill-informed, biased non-member of our community to celebrate and acknowledge those who have attempted to protect and improve our communities and culture?

    And I'm so sick of hearing how black on black crime is indicitive of our vices, a sickness in only our communities. EVERY community has issues with drugs, EVERY community has crime committed by their members by other members of their community. Its not a minority problem, its an American problem.

  4. What we do will always be taken out of cotext, a race will never understand because they've not experinced what others had to endure because of race. Valuable points will always be over looked in order to justify their ideology, seeing not the nucelous of the whole in which things are being addressed.

  5. She is VERY misinformed and she needs to live a little bit longer! Great rebutals @ Charlamagne.

  6. Tony Taybron says:

    She is grossly misinformed. The sader part is she thinks she won.

  7. Smid Ball says:

    Why waste your time talking to this type of person. They are desparate with the BS bits and peices of info they think benefits their cause. All she needs to hear is STFU.

  8. Richard Hill says:

    Another dumb-ass millineal!

  9. My biggest problem is that she feels entitled to telling the black community who is and isn't appropriate for us to look to as leaders. Why would we ever need the permission of an ill-informed, biased non-member of our community to celebrate and acknowledge those who have attempted to protect and improve our communities and culture?

    And I'm so sick of hearing how black on black crime is indicitive of our vices, a sickness in only our communities. EVERY community has issues with drugs, EVERY community has crime committed by their members by other members of their community. Its not a minority problem, its an American problem.

  10. OK, you want to jump on Jay Z for drugs that he sold in the black communities? Where did those drugs come from?
    You want to talk about gun violence in the black communities? Where did the guns come from?

    This band-aid you keep talking about? How you put a band-aid on a bullet wound and expect it to effect a healing condition?

    The Movement has changed? Really? When did it change? …AFTER Beyonce's performance; there wasn't a problem with the Movement before because it was rarely talked about. NOW, there is a problem because Beyonce bought it to national attention and sparked conversation. THEN, it became a problem, not because the Movement is violent, but because now you can't bury your collective heads in the sand and pretend like everything is ok. White people were fine as long as it didn't directly involve them.

  11. Ah, the ignorance…

  12. How did this chick get a show? Smh

  13. Jane Butler says:!

  14. She makes Anne Coulter look like a reasonably sane person.

  15. What an idiot at 23 years old lol how blinded

  16. Marc Xyoung says:

    The gave up the butt.

  17. Charlee Ford says:

    Take it light hell! If you don't know something, you should sit down, shut up and get some learning.

  18. King Lewis says:


  19. Ugggh, white folks kill me with bringing up Martin Luther King, like they havd so much respect for his non-violence stance and all they know is violence. We need to stop caring what they think.

  20. Dear Tomi,

    I have some advice for you. I'm speaking as a 25-year-old who has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and an aptitude for politics.

    Through some close self-examination and observation of others, I have come to know something very important:

    If you're not going to stand behind the oppressed and raise your voice in support of them, then you have no business commenting on their plight, past or present.

    Speaking as a white person, I am comfortable saying you will never understand what it means to be truly oppressed. That is white privilege. If you did, you would understand that the Black Panthers were organized as a response to blatant and rampant racism within the police force and other governing bodies. The very people who were supposed to protect them were killing their children, wives and husbands for no reason other than the color of their skin.

    You don't understand why Beyonce would have a group of dancers dressed as Black Panthers because you have never experienced the oppression that led to the creation of such an organization. She has.

    Instead, you place your support in the realm of law enforcement, as if wearing a uniform and carrying a gun automatically deserves praise. Until our country stops blindly believing in the ability of all law enforcement officers to act justly and do the right thing, we will never stop hearing about the loss of young black lives at the hands of cops.

    Speaking calmly, as MLK so valantly did, will only get you so far. The Panthers took it to the next level when necessary. While the organization itself and the people within exhibited some flaws (sexism against females within the organization wasn't uncommon), that doesn't negate the bravery it took to stand up against the most powerful white men in the country.

    If you value the lives of the police officers who died as a result of Black Panthers altercations, you should also value the lives of the thousands of black people who died at the hands of police officers and fellow oppressors during that same era.

    If you truly valued their lives and the plight they faced, you wouldn't have made the biased and ignorant comments you did.

    A fellow white person who wishes you would get your head out of your ass.

    PS If you consider yourself a journalist, you shouldn't. That's not journalism. That's feaer-mongering and ignorance. As journalists, we are meant to be watchdogs, supporters, and voices for the voiceless. You are none of those things.

  21. Dear ignorant white girl… You are an example of everything that's wrong! Your contribution to pure stupidity and hate makes me sick! You couldn't look more ugly while speaking your uneducated words about some else's race! You have no first hand experience and should be ashamed. Sincerely: Educated white girl.

  22. Being a racist runs through blood stream and this is another pure racist.

  23. You must have seen a different video. I didn't see any crushing.

  24. False, I lived that generation. They were a nightmare. This is the only video I have seen with either of them but she told him in pretty plain terminology that all lives matter. He is picking and chosing who to support and ignoring that fact.

  25. Great mentality there. I hope you don't have kids to brainwash with that thinking.

  26. If you can't think of any legitimate argument…pull out the race card.

  27. Cheryl Sudman you living during that generation does not mean your opinion or perspective is valuable on the matter.

    Your deflection of the true issue at hand is dumbfounding yet typical. This is about her comments following the super bowl perfomance. If you're here to spew AllLivesMatter bullshit, you have come to the wrong place. The BlackLivesMatrer movement isn't saying no other lives matter. But that is what people like you have made it into.

  28. She was upset that people didn't like her and said nasty things. She wanted to voice her upset not do an interview. Her ignorance and upset stopped her from listening.

  29. Soleil Aluyi says:

    Tomi Lahren is dumb. Please read and research before you open that mouth. You know "nothing" about the Black Panther or Martin Luther King. Your schools have failed to teach you true history, I wonder why??????

  30. why dont white america,call out the hatered of the kkk

  31. she needs to do her home work before talking ,she is what you would call brainwashed

  32. OK, He is too nice, with the word stupid. People are too freakin stupid when they really don't know about that time. The FBI put the Panthers on their list and had police seek them out. After 2 centuries of being robbed, raped, enslaved and denied any civil rights. Heaven help the white people when any Blackman or Native American tries to defend themselves. That was the thought of the day in the 60's and 70's. So if you don't realize that, you are stupid.

  33. Tata Tataman says:

    I noticed that you like to use "White + adjective"….and your wife is white. America is fantastic! You should be proud of the intelligence that you have.

  34. She is full of shit and miss informed..

  35. …because they represent the truth of most of white America?

  36. Cheryl Sudman yep that #whiteprivaligecard works every time

  37. Samanrga Coyne I applaud you 1000 x and I could not have handled the matter any better. And when I read the further stupid remarks of Chreyl Sudman you nailed that one as well. Frankly the problem here is not that they misunderstood the message , rather they saw a meesage that was not inrtended for their eyes, ears or heart.

    Yes #TomiLahren and the Cheryls of the USA, Beyonce, the lady you all swoon over IS BLACK and has always been although she tended to fit into the stereotypes you all place her in. When you saw that perofmrance , albeit the famous #SuperBowl, she was NOT speaking to you, the predominantly white audience that watches the game. She was speaking to her own people. She, like #KendrickLamar on Monday at the Grammy's was giving us, Black people hope and reminding us that despite it all, we must NEVER forget those who have been there before and those to come after. This message was to us, the Gospel Accordinhg to Bae and Lamar Tomi, and the Gospel is never intended to keep you comfortable in your church pews.

    So keep your comments that suffers from anemia and void of intellengence. It amazes me to hear people like you Tomi describe yourself a 'conservatives'. Frankly conservatives never argue with the intent of convincing others as you all are too busy licking your head in your ass. You see Tomi, Conservatism in this country is a cult, a fad, a racist code used by your minority to spew hatred and views that are so out of touch socially and politically that they become viral sermons of hate. Conservatives biggest desire is to gain power , acting on a kind of dominatrix of the rest of us citizens of the USA, and telling us to conform our lives according to the Gospel of Conservatism.

    Sorry sweetheart. In case you have not noticed, the world has moved forward socailly, plotically and otherwise so take of your blinkers , take a deep breath of fresh air that we all breathe and try , just try to consider that each of us share tihs one pllant and no one group, conservative or otherwise wil lay claim to be its Lord and master.

    Let me just state one other fact. I like conservatives , really I do. I am fiscally conservative myself and conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatices.

  38. You didn't look hard enough.

  39. Chile… you are only 23yrs of age.. Go learn some "real history" and then a forum maybe something that you can truly represent here… The Illusion must end! WZ>NF

  40. more like donkey of the year…decade…century

  41. First of all this Tomi thought she was walking into a battle with some ignorant rapper type black guy, but this guy came at her with facts and intelligence. The problem is that he kept letting her off of the hook everytime he trapped her, he let her revert to another subject, then end the conversation with saying that we just disagree. She broght up MLKs, no violence stance. She should know that it wasn't MLK's stance, it was a plan that he borrowed from Ghandi. Secondly, she brought up black-on-black crime as though this is exclusive to blacks. What was the race demographics of the Civil War? The Revolutionary war? Were these wars black-on-black or . . . Most serial killers are mostly white and kill mostly white people, and right now the greatest crime is being committed by the so called elite on All of society of all colors, and this woman only has this narrow view of black-on-black crime. I bet she has mercury amalgams, eat GMOs, and drink out of BPA and has no idea how is commiting a crime on her, while she is blaming blacks. The panthers were in defense, the KKK is in offense. If asked how many people the panthers killed and names, she couldn't answer yet this guy brought up many innocent blacks killed by racist police. She asked what makes her racist? The answer is the fact that she can only see white oppression is an excuse but black defiance to being oppressed and killed as rebellion. I wonder how she would feel if the roles were reversed?

  42. Thank you so much for your post. You hit it on the nose. People fall into being propagandized into believing who is their enemy by the media and who the "powers" want them to belive. Most people who speak against the panthers know nothing about them as the lesson you just taught. If everyone thougt as you, we wouldn't have the problems of today. Sadly, many think like this Tomi woman who only fuel the fire with their ignorance instead of put it out with intelligence. Again, thanks.

  43. Cheryl Sudman Margeret Sanger wished we didnt have more kids either, jackass.

  44. Keely Meagan says:

    My hat is off to Charlamagne and Beyonce.

    Tomi, I give you some credit for having the conversation, but I wish you would learn to listen and take in what your guests share with you, instead of just repeating your arguments. And you are misinterpreting attempts to change a corrupt and oppressive system with attacks against white people in general. I'm white and to me it was super clear Beyonce was protesting the system, not white people. It may be what the people around you want you to think she was, but that doesn't make it true.

  45. Angela Bell says:

    This was a waste of CTG and the world's time. She's too young to have credibility on the subject at hand. Not only does she lack knowledge, she lacks wisdom. She's only concerned about her point of view which is limited. So she comes off as a kid, crying and whining. I couldn't stop my eyes from rolling when she kept harping on the death threats she had received over her statements. Awww, grow the hell up, this is what happens when you try to debate hard hitting polis-soc with ADULT mainstream Americans. Open your eyes and reality. She's beginning to experience the same manner of treatment that any other activist would receive. How could she ever think that she would be exempt? The arrogance of her privledged naivity! Furthermore, she only confirms herself as "Donkey of the Day" and the punchline of all Blonde jokes.

  46. Carlos Edward Harbert Thanks for your remarks, my person is only a product of the time I witnessed as a child. That's what I meant about knowing that time. Growing up seeing black, brown, native american,gays, women, and even some whites joining hands and speaking out, marching, being beaten, killed, falsely imprisoned and being made out as the evil of that "Conservitive White Society". Now the product of those people (Their Children) who oppressed them are using the media to sway the ignorant and blind to hate us all over again. What can a 23 year old know about that time growing up in her white bred world.
    We have to stand togeather once again and fight just like the Panthers, The AIM, King, Malcom, Chavez, Milk. If they divide us they beat us.

  47. Jamor James says:

    She's a rasist Black lives matter

  48. I am white and 64 I don't think white people are getting what the black are trying to say. They were treated bad really bad and that is an understatement.They still are being treated bad by some white people. I even see it. I am not saying all white people are did treaingt them bad but still the point is they are still being treated bad and white people just don't see it. You see I am disabled I am different I get treated bad. Until you have lived it you have no idea. We owe them for what we did to them in the past. You really get tired of wondering if this person is really being nice to you, Are wondering which person will treat you bad just because your different. If you don't do something about it and stand up for your rights and tell them your not taking their crap anymore it will continue forever. . White people will never understand how it is to be treated differently just because your a different color are your not perfect, Enough is Enough

  49. She is so out of touch.

  50. Sooo where did this guy show her up? I love the double standards of blacks.

  51. Charlee Ford says:

    Cheryl Sudman I lived the generation of Woodstock, but I'm not qualified to speak on it since I didnt go to the concert.

  52. Gogo Ji says:

    Well the capitalist oligarchy in the USA is doing the same as the communist oligarchy did in Soviet Russia. The gulags were used as slave labor camps. But it seems that in "democratic" USA, "democracy" & "free" speech has been used to hide the American gulags.

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