Stacey Dash Explains Her ‘Tactical Strategy’ to Capture Black Votes: Is she Clueless to Believe Trump Will Endorse It?

On the Wednesday edition of Fox BusinessVarney & Co., Fox News contributor and conservative commentator Stacey Dash unveiled her plan to get Black people to support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In the nearly 4-minute clip, Dash and Varney began discussing Trump’s recent vow to help African-Americans after his primary victories on Tuesday. The host asked Dash if Trump can get the Black vote.

This is what the conservative commentator and Trump supporter said:

Dash: I know he can because Black people like to make money. They like their money and what they’re not being given is the chance to do that and he will give them the tools and the opportunities. That’s what they need.

Varney: A lot of people say, Democrats say, he’s a racist.

Dash: No. He’s not a racist.

Varney: Maybe not, but that is the perception.

Dash: Of course, that’s what Democrats say. That’s the narrative that they say about all Republicans, we’re all racist.

Then Dash insists that Trump just has to get out to the inner cities and let these people know he cares.

The actress continues:

“I actually will be a part of that. I have a plan to do that, a strategy. … I have high-level minorities that are very prominent and they are willing to be a part of this strategy with me. It’s a tactical strategy that’s been used in Afghanistan and it’s worked and I can use it domestically and I will get the Republican vote.”

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