Snoop Dogg and Roland Martin Are Actually Feuding Over Importance of Slave Narratives on TV and Film 

Flicker/TV One

Flicker/TV One

Snoop Dogg and Roland Martin are in the middle of a feud over their opinions on how Black history should be portrayed in the media. It began when the first part of the Roots remake aired on Memorial Day. Snoop posted a video on his Instagram page lamenting how tired he was of seeing stories about enslaved Africans in movies and on TV.

“They gonna just keep beating that s— in our heads of how they did us, huh?” he said in the video May 30. “I don’t understand America. They just want to keep showing the abuse that we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago. But, guess what? We taking the same abuse.”

Instead, Snoop says Black entertainers should make their own films about contemporary topics.

“F— them television shows. Let’s create our own s— based on today, how we live, and how we inspire people today. Black is what’s real. F— that old s—,” the rapper says before panning to his pet and ending the video.

Martin did not like the marijuana aficionado’s take on Black history.

On NewsOne Now June 1, the host blasted the MC for his opinions, asking why doesn’t he “stop smoking weed and bother to call Will Packer or Ava DuVernay or call Spike Lee or the countless African-Americans out there who are trying to make those films and looking for folks like you who are gonna put their money where their mouth is as opposed to their money on some good weed.”

The former CNN anchor also compared Black enslavement to the Jewish Holocaust and read a list of films done on the subject.

“You will never find someone Jewish saying there’s way too many Holocaust films,” he said.

After mentioning Snoop has 85 film projects listed on his Internet Movie Database page and “the best success story he’s done is Soul Plane,” Roland tells viewers the rapper “has the potential to change the game.”

He adds, “If more Americans can own up to the history of America – 397 years that we’ve been here – and how brutal slavery was, we should see that because just like Jews say: never forget. ”

Martin ended the diss by saying, “Now the ball’s in your court. Let’s see what you gone do. Fa shizzle, my nizzle.”

On June 1, Snoop posted a brief response to the TV host’s jab.

“You fat, bald head m—–f—– no I won’t. Imma let you breathe n—–. I’m gone let my work speak for me.”

Watch the video below to see how the entire beef played out.

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