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7 Times Mainstream Media Wrongfully Attacked Black Women For Embracing Their Natural Hair

Zendaya dreadlocks

Fashion Police’s Racially Charged Dig at Zendaya’s Dreadlocks

Zendaya garnered mostly praise and respect when she rocked a faux dreadlock style to the Oscars this year, but Fashion Police’s Giuliana Rancic took aim at the petite biracial star saying she looked like she smelled like “patchouli oil … or weed.” While the natural hairstyle wasn’t the star’s own natural hair, she explained that the style was inspired by the many loved ones in her life, including her father, who do wear dreadlocks. Zendaya took to Instagram to explain that natural Black hairstyles are already constantly being attacked by the media and paid homage to the many influential and prominent Black figures who wear dreadlocks.

Black women embracing natural hair

In Touch Compares Solange to a Dog

When songstress Solange took to social media to support actress and singer Zendaya after a Fashion Police host attacked her for wearing faux dreadlocks, she assured the young starlet that she had been in her shoes before. Solange said the media has been taking aim at her natural hair for years, and she wasn’t lying. One of the most recent examples happened in 2014 when In Touch Weekly compared Beyonce’s sister to a dog. The magazine ran a picture of Solange next to a picture of a Black yorkipoo (a Yorkshire terrier and poodle mix). “It still is tasteless (not surprising for a gossip magazine) and a sobering reminder of the resistance some black women face when they choose to rock their natural hair unapologetically,”’s Leila Noelliste wrote of the article. “The comparison feels particularly shady given that Solange’s recent media coverage has mainly involved her stunning, stylish, and universally praised wedding.”

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4 thoughts on “7 Times Mainstream Media Wrongfully Attacked Black Women For Embracing Their Natural Hair

  1. Who the F… Is Jawn Murray. Brainwashed coon! These Negropeans are the same ones Nat Turner had to kill. You in the way of Black peoples cultural freedom, but to talk shit about the same Black women who gave you birth, is to mean you hate who you are. What's wrong with Nappy or Natural Black hair? This fool can't be conscious!

  2. Steve But says:

    Lions do not care about the opinions of hyenas ….grow your dreds …sons and daughters of RA

  3. All the more reason for more black women to go natural. They want you to hate your own hair and spend money for chemicals that they sell in order to make your hair look like theirs, or sew hair that's been discarded by it rightful owner onto your heads because they make money from that. There is no money to be made on black women going natural. When you look at it from a monetary standpoint it makes perfect sense.

  4. Blonde hair makes black women so ugly that I don't even look at them!

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