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8 of the Most Revolting and Abominable Acts of Cruelty Inflicted on Enslaved Blacks


The Atrocities of the Infamous Madame Lalaurie

Louisiana slave owner Madame Lalaurie was one of the most infamous slave owners in the state’s history. The conditions she subjected enslaved people to were so heinous and despicable that even other slave owners were appalled by her actions. Journalists of the time couldn’t even bring themselves to describe the awful things she did. Instead, the New Orleans Bee wrote, “We would shrink from the task of detailing the painful circumstances connected therewith, were it not that a sense of duty …. renders it indispensable to do so.” After Lalaurie’s home caught fire one day, a crowd came to fight the flames but soon discovered something so gruesome they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Seven slaves more or less horribly mutilated, were seen suspended by the neck, with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to the other. The slaves were the property of the demon, in the shape of a woman,” the Bee wrote.

history's worst slave owners

Louisiana Slave Owner Gouges Hole in Enslaved Man’s Stomach

The first appeal of a criminal conviction for cruelty to an enslaved person in Louisiana came with the case of State v. Morris. The court said the defendant beat the enslaved man to death “in a cruel and barbarous manner” and the enslaved man’s injuries would serve as proof. The enslaved man was not only found with a series of massive bruises and severe wounds on his thighs, loins and other parts of his body, but he also had a large hole in his abdomen. The court described the hole as being the size of a dollar which appeared to have been “gouged out.”

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8 thoughts on “8 of the Most Revolting and Abominable Acts of Cruelty Inflicted on Enslaved Blacks

  1. Tony Mza Starks says:

    okay So this was meant to be the Christian upright Slave owners. Who sat on a moral high horse…. The contradiction is ironic.

  2. Christian Upright Slave Owners? oxymoron

  3. I'm convinced that blacks ill be enslaved again in another hundred years. We could stop it but we don't even see it coming. All these Real Niggas and Diva's are going to be getting brutalized. And they won't be able to say a thing about it. In none of these stories do you hear of a slave coming to the aide of another. Not once.

  4. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Akintunde Kayode You are right, there is no reason on this green and brown planet, blacks should have allowed all this pain and suffering upon them. They should have rose up, and strike fear in the santanic heathens, once that was established all this kind of pain and suffering would not have been going on, if they knew blacks would go on a killing rampage, it would have nipped it in the bud. That is one of the reasons black men are called cowards, because they allowed these attacks on their women and children and themselves. What else could have made them fight back, and turn those plantations into killing fields, instead of cotton and sugarcane fields.

  5. We were enslaved because of our disobedience to the Most High, but the nations that enslaved us went too far and they will be punished by the Most High. We were not passive during this time as they would like us to believe. There were a lot of slave revolts, which is a one of the reasons slavery was supposedly abolished.

  6. Ayméric Franck says:

    How could we be disobedient to a God we didn't even know yet till they came with religion? I mean we lived thousands of years in Africa peacefully why did God not send the flood or something? Blacks are too pacifist.If it wasn't for the few who fought for us, some of us will still be slaves and claiming it as ''suffering in union with Christ''. The irony is that the so called Christians will go to church on sunday , read all 'em gospels and come back and enslave their neighbour? did they jump the line ''love your neighbor as yourself''? this not only for 10 years, not 20, but hundreds! we need to wake the fig up! God didn't punish those who did this to us for so long but of course he had to punish us for disobeying Him while til date blacks are the most religious on earth.people…please… T-H-I-N-K

  7. The simple fact is that we now live with a mark in our skin that connects us to the murder and rape of the past. The world will see me and know my history. As a Black man who wishes to bring about a more equal world, it becomes hard to figure out what to do next. American Politics and domination of the world spear needs to be addressed by real members of the black community, I am not talking of the Afro-Centric I am speaking about those who are black and chose to represent something new for our youth to fall behind. I am mixed so for me I can only be an observer looking in, on a race who has a real chance of being exterminated in this nation in the next 50 years. I hope that we can come together and figure this out but without real action we will continue the long march that started back with MLK, Rosa and so many others.

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