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Reparations Now: UN Working Panel Recommends U.S. Pay Black People for Slavery, a Crime Against Humanity

slavemain462342640x360Slavery reparations is not only a domestic matter, but an international human rights issue as well.  In what can only be described as a pivotal moment, a United Nations working group is “extremely concerned” about the human rights conditions of Black people in America, and has recommended that the U.S. provide reparations to the daughters and sons of those held in bondage.  The group, Experts on People of African Descent, also suggested that the federal government establish a human rights commission, and acknowledge that the Transatlantic Slave Trade was a crime against humanity, as U.S. Uncut reported.

The announcement came as part of a fact-finding mission held by the working group, and meetings with Black people in cities such as New York, Chicago and Baltimore.  Mireille Fanon Mendes-France — chair of the working group and daughter of revolutionary author, philosopher and post-colonial studies expert Frantz Fanon — aptly articulated the scope of the problem that has dogged and continues to plague African-Americans.  She compared the current issue of police violence against Black people to the brutality of Jim Crow era.

“The colonial history, the legacy of enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism, and racial inequality in the U.S. remains a serious challenge as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent. Contemporary police killings and the trauma it creates are reminiscent of the racial terror lynchings in the past,” Fanon Mendes-France said. “Impunity for state violence has resulted in the current human rights crisis and must be addressed as a matter of urgency,” she added.

Mireille Fanon Mendes-France

Mireille Fanon Mendes-France

The group’s members reportedly reacted to their findings with shock.

“It’s very easy in the United States for African-Americans to be imprisoned, and that was very concerning,” said Sabelo Gumedze of South Africa, as reported by the Philadelphia Tribune.

“What stands out for me is the lack of acknowledgement of the slave trade,” said Ricardo A. Sunga III, who lives in the Philippines.

The working group — which suggests ending racial profiling, reducing mandatory minimum sentencing, and ending solitary confinement and excessive bail — will report its findings to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland in September.

The issue of reparations is nothing new, as it has been on the minds of Black people since we were denied the proverbial 40 acres and a mule we were promised during Reconstruction.  In every legislative session since 1989, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) has introduced bill H.R. 40, which would establish a commission to study slavery and its lingering impact on African-Americans and the nation in general. The commission would make recommendations to Congress on appropriate remedies.

In his 2014 seminal piece in The Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations,” Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote: “America begins in black plunder and white democracy, two features that are not contradictory but complementary. Plunder in the past made plunder in the present efficient,” he added, discussing the exploitation of African-Americans as a multi-century endeavor, and noting the linkages connecting slavery, Jim Crow and the subprime mortgage crisis.

Coates suggested that perhaps no amount of money can truly capture what America owes to Black people, America cannot ignore the sins of the past and must become better, more humane.

“More important than any single check cut to any African American, the payment of reparations would represent America’s maturation out of the childhood myth of its innocence into a wisdom worthy of its founders,” he wrote.

Writing an opinion piece recently in the New York Times, Carlton Mark Waterhouse – a professor at Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law — argued that reparations is a compelling way to stamp out racial inequality.  Waterhouse notes that 90 percent of whites are opposed to reparations, not on any intellectual grounds but on a gut racial level, without even understanding the various non-monetary forms that reparations also could take.  Further, Waterhouse offered that there is far more white public acceptance of reparations to other groups such as Japanese-Americans for wartime concentration camps, addressing a form of government discrimination.

“A colleague of mine summed it up when he said, ‘Are not reparations paid at the end of a war? Well, America’s war against black people has not ended,’” Waterhouse wrote.

Further, the law professor chastises Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for either opposing reparations or endorsing race-neutral policies that fail to get to the heart of the “white racial dominance” behind racial inequality.  And he argues that while reparations would not solve everything, it would strike at the heart of racial inequality and “challenge the narrative that whites ‘deserve’ the group-based privileges and advantages they enjoy.”

There are different calculations as to how much reparations would cost, with YES! Magazine recently tallying up the number at $6.4 trillion.  The National Legal and Policy Center calculated reparations at $15 trillion, while Time magazine columnist Jack White estimated $24 trillion, and Dr. Denis G. Rancourt of the University of Ottawa concluded that America owes Black people $59.2 trillion.

Meanwhile, in 1988,  President Reagan approved $1.6 billion in reparations to Japanese-Americans for their internment in World War II.  In 2012, a federal judge approved a $1.2 billion government settlement with Black farmers who had been denied loans and assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for decades, a move which President Obama called an effort in “addressing an unfortunate chapter in USDA’s civil rights history.”  In 2012, the U.S. government paid a $3.4 billion settlement to Native Americans, in a dispute over federal mismanagement of tribal lands and trust fund accounts.  Recently, the city of Chicago paid $5.5 million to 57 Black men who were victims of police torture at the hands of ex-officer Jon Burge.  Further, in the last year President Obama earmarked $12 million in reparations to assist Holocaust survivors.

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95 thoughts on “Reparations Now: UN Working Panel Recommends U.S. Pay Black People for Slavery, a Crime Against Humanity

  1. N Cory Gable says:

    there will be no reparations

  2. Reparations are already being paid. Every month in the form of ADC, FOOD STAMPS, AND WELFARE.

  3. We encourage African American media to share these UN findings. Racism is a human rights violation. African American groups are increasingly bringing their cases to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. You may be interested in sharing this success story with African-American NGOs & rights defenders:

  4. Archie Mays says:

    That's not reparation,that's a hand out….we want what is owed our great grandparents.u are white and u will never be able to understand that

  5. Yes!!!!! Thank You Lord!!!! Finally!!!
    To those who don't feel we are owed anything because you didn't participate in slavery, it's time to own up to your forefathers BULLSHIT because you still benefit from it til this day!
    Being silent makes you just as guilty!

  6. Dre Smith says:

    There was a lot more harm done after the fact like the Tulsa race riots where the police and army went against its own citizens and various riots throughout the country that destroyed what was and would have been thriving communities.

    The reperations should really be about those events.

    Here are a few examples:

  7. Lee Lewis says:

    See now thats is the lies your parents were told that told you. cause they dont wont to let you know growing up that your history is all lies. Ibet you got christopher colubus as the founder of america. Laugh now but reparations coming. You old racist cowards are leaving it on your children when you to old to have a say. Its coming whiteboy. We never sold our own. The was going to start war whne one of the arican kings banned slave trade through his country. Look at your kids and say sorry you were to bitch to do what your ancestors did.

  8. Lee Lewis says:

    say houston hardhead notice you went to ranger. I went to cisco jr same time before switching to howard payne. I know you know these country backwoods. lol

  9. Lee Lewis says:

    Jerry Kearbey you about to ready for retirement and you still a racist. funny how you dont realize in due time you will hear your kids damning thier own race for they lies that has been unveiled. you know its coming. hahahaha. Reparations one way or the other.

  10. The United Nations ows reparations to all US citizwns for the evil they have done, the miss use of diplimatic immenity, and the cost they have dropped on the US. Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

  11. Get the rearations from the Africans that sold you into slavery

  12. N Cory Gable says:

    Archie Mays ok great im not going to bother to try!

  13. N Cory Gable says:

    Youll get nothing and like it! ZEEEE-ROOOO!

  14. Lee Lewis says:

    Archie Mays say brother thats not a hand out that is interest on the money and land the are holding of ours. Whites get that shit too. CItizens get that shit. But no citizens except us slaved after being stolen. Naw bro they aint gave us a damn thing. reparations now

  15. Lee Lewis says:

    N Cory Gable white boy laugh now but look at your kids and tell them what you cowards and yellowbellows didnt stand up to make right they are going to be forced to. you know thats true. look at how this is coming to a head. anty up bitch. are we taking. when you 80 laying in a nursing home and you turn on your tv i bet it aint going to be the america you thought it would be forever. you whites are already minorities. Putin said it best when he outlawed gayness stating it dont produce whites and you know yall dicks dont work as it is. hahahahaha zeeeeee-roooo!!!! turn on porn and look at yourself df.

  16. Doug Kaufman says:

    Why would it be ONLY the U.S. paying black people for slavery when slavery has been around since the dawn of time and not just in the U.S. Next to the U.S. slavery that lastest until the mid-1800's, the next most prominent happened in ancient Egypt where there was as many as 3,000,000 slaves – over 2,000,000 of those worked on the great pyramids… is Egypt going to pay those decendants?? Don't forget about the ones from Ancient Greece & Roman Empire — is Greece & Italy going to pay those decendants too?? If you come back with the argument "Well those were not 'black people' " OK fine — how about Ethiopia where during the 1930's, there were as many as 2,000,000 slaves in a country estimated between 8 – 16 million people… oh wait, we can't forget about the 1,500,000 Christians and Europeans that was captured and forced into slavery in the early 19th century… what about the 500,000 Irish slaves that the English killed with another 300,000 being sold as slaves during the mid 1600's… or the 4,000,000 slaves that Brazil purchased for their mining and sugarcane production… with over 27 MILLION slaves still in existance today spread throughout the world, again I ask, why would it be just the U.S. that is on the hook???

  17. Eff Beats says:

    Your retarded if you think only black people get foodstamps and well fare..

  18. Doug Kaufman says:

    There were roughly 11,000,000 slaves that were purchased from Africa… the United States only received about 500,000 or 4.5%… compare that to 4,000,000 (36.4%) that ended up in Brazil ALONE… the rest went to the Caribbean & other parts of South America. You're going after the wrong country as I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that Brazil and the rest of South America has "paid" any of the descendants…

  19. You did not read and understand – the article said "the suffering of BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA"

  20. Doug Kaufman says:

    Norman C. Gabriel I did read and understand the article… my question is if the United Nations is getting involved in this, why is it ONLY the U.S. is mentioned? What made black people in America different from any other slavery that has / is being done??? This is the UNITED NATIONS we're talking about, NOT the AMERICA NATIONS…. if this is "soley an America issue" then the U.N. does not have to be involved and if they are involved, then be fair about it and make all the nations that have had slavery foot part of the bill as well…

  21. Sue Africa because blacks sold blacks to the trade and the first slave owner in the US was a black man. FIND that group and see where that gets you. Until then shut the hell up!

  22. Eff Beats says:

    Why are you here? Curious as to why you dont want to see justice served

  23. Eff Beats says:

    Answer… Because the us paid everyone else but black america. Ps we fought for this country too.. Ohh rahh

  24. Doug Kaufman says:

    Eff Beats What??? Who did the U.S. pay??? If today's "Black America" wants to be paid for any Governmental fore-fathers mis-deeds then get the money from the African Government for their fore-fathers approval to sell the slaves to whatever wanted to buy them. Don't go after the drug user (America), go after the drug dealer (Africa).

  25. Helene Kim says:

    Doug Kaufman Also while you may understand the article, you don't understand history – which is why you don't understand the issue. I would suggest you go get some history, then come back. And then we can talk.

  26. Doug Kaufman says:

    Helene Kim – While you're at it, why don't you please enlighten me with your bullshit…

  27. Let it come from the Moslems FIRST!!!!! My ancestors were slaves and I'm not whining! If you don't like it here moveback to Africa! That should be the ONLY reparation offered at this point! If youhave not CHOSEN to take advantage of ALL the opportunities out there for minorities, then that is YOUR OWN PROBLEM!!! Stop blaming people's desendants for your choices. If there were no opportunities for Blacks in this country I could maybe understand; however, there are plenty for those that choose to take advantage of them, just look at Ben Carson, Allen West, Morgan Freeman etc. None were born with a silver spoon in their mouth yet they rose above impoverished beginnings!!! What's your EXCUSE????

  28. Rod Julius says:

    Gerald L. Page whites make up 65% of population, blacks 13%, the statistics you are using, of course whites woud t more based on poulation, when you compare households, blacks 6 times more likely to receive welfare

  29. Actually, the LARGEST number of foodstamps and welfare recipients are of caucasian descent. It's a racist stereotype that black people are the largest recipients.

  30. Sean Hartung says:

    This is kinda messed up. What about the rest of enslaved people from Africa? Africans were enslaved for over a 1000 years by Muslims, males turned into eunuch slaves so they could not breed, and females only kept as sex slaves. The only reason for the Atlantic slave trade was because of the Arabic/Muslim slave trade throughout Africa. I guess because none of that slave population was emancipated and survived then we can't call them for crimes against humanity.

  31. Sean Hartung says:

    This is kinda messed up. What about the rest of enslaved people from Africa? Africans were enslaved for over a 1000 years by Muslims, males turned into eunuch slaves so they could not breed, and females only kept as sex slaves. The only reason for the Atlantic slave trade was because of the Arabic/Muslim slave trade throughout Africa. I guess because none of that slave population was emancipated and survived then we can't call them for crimes against humanity.

  32. Sean Hartung says:

    This is kinda messed up. What about the rest of enslaved people from Africa? Africans were enslaved for over a 1000 years, males turned into eunuch slaves so they could not breed, and females only kept as sex slaves. I guess because none of that slave population was emancipated and survived then we can't call that religious group for crimes against humanity.

  33. Research the stats other groups white amerikkka included benefit more from government handouts than American Blacks who make up a very small percentage.

  34. Robbie Robbo says:

    The fact that you said thank the Lord makes me think that you've fully embraced our forefathers bullshit. 🙂 Bullshit that was used to justify the slave trade at the time.

  35. Doug Kaufman Africa is a continent.

  36. Topic is about Slavery in the United States period and the continued oppression of BLACK PEOPLE period.

  37. Red Shandy well said to man the who had the time to devote single-minded energy to personal development while blacks dodge lynching, poors schools, bad mortgage deals, none at all, Stop and frisk, mandatory sentences etc list goes on. But I guess that makes me victim.

  38. The Topic is about Slavery. Guess you dont want to address that, it's easier to add everybody's else . Hum?

  39. Can you please share the historic document that outlines your line of reasoning ? Or are just sharing rumors and nothing factual? Africa takes care of Africans. The United States does not, have not ever accepted, respected or just left Black people the hell alone. There has been an effort to oppress or dismantle any progress we make. Can we deal with America and Black people cause Africa is doing well on its own about African people. Thank you

  40. The majority of that is paid to White America do your research buddy before stating something that even FOX NEWS stopped reporting because the statistics weren't there to support such a lie. By the what are farm subsidy? Food stamps and the like.

  41. Doug you're forgetting about the millions that were born into slavery as well. You know slaves outnumbered white in a few states, which is why they came to a compromise at slaves being 3/5ths of a person. The slave owners wanted them to be chattel slaves, while also counting them a people living within the states, but with no rights at all. They wanted to do this in order to get more representation in DC, so in stead of counting them as whole people, they came up with the 3/5ths law. But t that's besides the point. Millions of babies were born slaves, with some taken away from their families and sold directly inside of the this country. Now you wanna talk history, let's talk???

  42. Doug Kaufman that's a dayum lie. White men started going over there stealing people. Africans didn't really have guns and white men used to be guns they had to do what they ghat did. Most of the the Africans brought over here was by force. Why pay for something you can trap and steal. 100% profit that way.

  43. Used the guns they had^

  44. Kimberly Hanserd Or the topic is about reparations. None of my ancestors owned any slaves. I was brought up to treat people according to their behavior with no egard for color or creed.

  45. We are in dept……going under fast ….on the verge of economic colapse …we are over taxed and going down hill fast……I found a will from on ancestry on people that
    owned slaves and they left them land and their freedom….slavery was a way of life back
    in those days and a whole different world and how about women they were treated as slaves …..

  46. The problem is a lot of people like my family who was from Italy and the middle east never owned slaves …lots of people pay tax and why should we have to pay slave ancestors and this would have to be proven in detail so where would the money come from

  47. David C Kelder yes why should people like us have to pay

  48. Think about this black people came here from Africa and everybody here in the US except the Amerian Indians came from other countries where there was slavery……so WTF…like now lots of the populations ancesters never owned slaves so then you have slaves that owned slaves….anyway the government could if a person proved a family link to slavery give them like no tax on their property are a tax break for so many years …..

  49. Slavery existed and America benefited for 200 years and we're still discriminated against, I.e. The KKK, police brutality and extensive racial incarceration, etc.

  50. And those many slaves you mention where seen as people. The American slavery experience is totally different. It still is alive and kicking.

  51. The wars for the past 15 years.

  52. There r more whites receiving these benefits than blacks

  53. I'm a successful educated black woman. But, I still empathize with my sons who have college degrees, my sons who experience stop and frisk, regularly, inadequate schools with empty library shelves, lack of computers, unfair incarceration, The KKK et. al. Let's talk about right now.

  54. Well, I guess other races ae getting reparations.

  55. Does Germany owe the Jewish community?
    Does Mercedes Benz owe the Jewish community?

  56. When blacks are killed by police it hurts all of us not just the family: Trayvon, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Eric Garner. Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, etc. I hurt for all of these people.

  57. Harry Brobst says:

    I guess this boils down to White Privledge well let set the record straight on Slavery. The Dutch bought the slaves as cheap labor because the ZULUS' were going to kill them anyway but then decided it would be benificial to trade them for stuff they wanted. Then given a repreive from death they were sent around the world. Now let us not forget the White Slaves the Moors had as well now where is their justice?? There is no justice in this issue and never will be because now you are trying to judge this now as opposed to then. Remember Abraham Lincoln gave the freed slaves a choice go to Nigeria which the US bought for the freed slaves or stay here some stayed some left but a lot went to Mexico and moved there so get the mess straight. Today we owe nothing to anyone and if people can not obey the laws then leave to the UN. Mabe they have a place for you.

  58. Doug Kaufman African American Slavery was Chattel Slavery. It was the worse form of slavery in history. We were brought here involuntarily. Not only was there farming but houses, buildings. roads and inventions etc. were built by slaves. This country benefited financially from slavery for over 200 years with free labor. Consequently, the effects of slavery still exists.

  59. That isn't proven. Nevertheless, slavery existed and America benefited. I have 2 black sons with college degrees, experience discrimination because of race. I.e. unequal pay and other forms of prejudice.

  60. Where else was the brutality like America's. Where a woman's unborn child is cut out of her and wittnessed by incoming slaves to plantations etc….etc……and the hate to share the air with those who risen from that type of hate.

  61. This conversation is long overdue! Something needs to be done about the underhanded sheer robbery of Blacks in this country. This is part of the reason why other countries look at the U.S. as a very hypocritical nation, because it is!

  62. Why ask why…..The US has been at the helm for slavery and reparations… But they pick and chose who gets it…and make deals in the dark…they just need to stop being greedy…..The earth does not belong to them….it belongs to the Creator….

  63. How about my ancestors the natives who have been killed and mistreated for 450 years +!

  64. ….. and while we're at it then why not the american indians …. the inuit indians …. the people of australia should be paid reparations for being dumped and used as slaves in terrors australia …… and then the moslems who went into africa and burned the villages and too the slaves in the first place …. then why not the sue the people that caused the maret s to crash and so many woring joes lost all their money and homes …. Why dont we investigate the spanish and sue for the germs and disease that caused the colapse of the inkas …. why dont we just sue god for how he let things unfold
    seriously ……………

  65. Sorry hun yes they were black do some more research

  66. The blacks your talking about were not of same tribes in fact hade not the same religious beliefs so do more research. Blacks dI'd not sale there on they took trade for thinking and information get you facts together

  67. Are you talking about the same food stamps the 89%of the people receive it is white. Smdh take a seat

  68. It's interesting how the kkk shows up with out ever needing an invite. Good things come in 2020 new beginning

  69. Eff Beats says:

    @michealriddle you gotta to love living in bliss… Ehh ehh?
    O yeah .. Horses are really unicorns.. And your profile pic is cool too…

  70. Neisha Wells says:

    White people just don't get it

  71. Doug Kaufman you do no their was no African government then.. only people who paid for and sold people… if someone bought your children to for them into hard would blame eveyone involved

  72. The Spanish started the slave trade. They stoped it in less then 100 yrs….THEY STOPED IT….IT WAS NO WAR IN THIS COUNTRY. IT WAS NOT A SPLIT IN 2..AND AFTER THEY STOPED IT SEGREGATION DID NOT FOLLOW. BUT HERE WHITES FOUND A DIFFERNT APPROACH.These other countries u speak of stoped it in all forms…not try to hide it in segregation and attacking children by not funding their school.. putting as many blacks in jail as possible

  73. None of my ancestors ever owned a slave nor did they sell a slave. It was black people who sold their own into slavery.

  74. Charles J. Coley Jr. Please cite your proof. Blacks were sold by blacks because of greed. Nothing more.

  75. Kimberly Hanserd The UN is the one who is suggesting this. So no talking about the UN is not off topic.

  76. Eff Beats says:

    ^^^ Shows how much you know. Question? What was the reason the civil war happened? @christine

  77. Eff Beats says:

    Also black were given reparations directly after emancipation. It was taken back and black politicians and reps were also expelled from the white house. This was the beginning of the chain gang era. The new slavery.

  78. Christine Giuda Thank you.

  79. Kiara Smith says:

    Kathryn Lewis over 400 years

  80. Ivince Able says:

    The Color of the Race Problem Is White by Prof. Robert Jensen

  81. Ivince Able says:

    Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial by Tim Wise

  82. Ivince Able says:

    White Privilege, Racism, White Denial & The Cost of Inequality

  83. Ivince Able says:


  84. They always seem to have backward people like you around,you dumb

  85. Have to say as a White Man, I am Strongly for this, and would gladly pay Higher taxes for these so called reparations conditionaly however. those conditions meaning anyone that receives Reperations, will have been re-imbursed for the Crime Of slavery meaning they were bought here against there will Illegaly. which also makes all decendants an Illegal alien by circumstance ( Just cause your born here makes no difference. just like because your great great great great gram-pappy was a slave has no bearing on you) So if you accept reperations you should be Deported back to the Motherland of which you came. Hell yeah I am down for that. for the ones that see this as BS and have moved passed the slacery card. and dont see a need to accept reperations thay are more than welcome to stay in this country.

  86. Reparations…. I don't think so but here's what we will do, anyone wanting to return to their homeland will be given a first class ticket back. Take it or leave it but there will be no more discussion of this subject so move the fuck on

  87. Doug Kaufman
    all of you white mother fucker or dogs.

  88. we are not talking about women. fight for yourself. we are talking about salverey of black.

  89. What about the Irish slaves where's their money

  90. sue! you need to shut up! that is a lie. black did not sale black to the white man, now say they did, the white did not have the right to in slave them.

  91. Lee Lewis Tell me when slaves had money and land i'll pay up.

  92. Don Kilgore says:

    Thomas Sowell would debunk a lot of the comments here. Go to youtube and find his page and watch some of his videos and you will understand why reparations are not going to happen. You will also understand that what you think about slavery is not correct. Black people did sell other black people, black people did own slaves in the U.S., The treatment of slaves in the U.S. was nowhere near as bad as in the middle east.

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