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8 Gruesome Facts About Notorious Female Slavemaster Madame LaLaurie

LaLaurie Balcony-min

She “Accidentally” Killed One of Her Young Enslaved Workers
In 1833 during a lavish soiree at her New Orleans mansion, Madame LaLaurie chased an enslaved girl over a balcony. The young girl, named Leah, accidentally hit a snag while combing her mistress’ hair. So, in a fit of rage, Madame LaLaurie chased the girl around the room with a whip, following her through a hallway that led to the balcony. Young Leah took to the balcony’s railing to escape the enraged woman but lost her footing and fell to her death.



She Had Her Enslaved Workers Taken Away and Then Returned to Her
As she was unable to cover up the death of Leah, Madame LaLaurie was charged a $300 fine for abusing her enslaved workers. The mistreated workers were also taken away and sold at an auction. However, LaLaurie persuaded a relative to purchase the enslaved workers and return them back to her.

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10 thoughts on “8 Gruesome Facts About Notorious Female Slavemaster Madame LaLaurie

  1. Such evil was allowed to have existed… really shows how Uncivilized and Barbric they are. And will never change, this kind behaviour towards Black People is Continuous……

  2. the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”― Malcolm X

  3. What about the "patriarchy"? What do the feminist have to say about this?

  4. not a dam thing…not surprised

  5. we know the women were the worst ..after all they brought there babies to hangings

  6. Michele Byrd says:

    only thing surprising here is that the townspeople ran them out of town.

  7. Kevin Davis says:

    The fact that you took this moment of learning about the horrors of slavery to display you apparent hatred of women is proof of patriarchy.

  8. Deanna North says:

    How narrow does your thinking have to be to think this incident even begins to put a dent into the evil men have done, and STILL DO. The fact that you ignore what is done today and can say such a thing in itself proves patriarcy.

  9. Deanna North Men don't have a monopoly on "evil", and "evil" is as common among women as men. And interms of comparing how much "evil" men have done compared to women, often times the "evil"of women, particularly white women, has been hidden or not talked about. For instance, during lynchings, pictures of white women participating in the cutting off of black mens genitals and other barbarities were taken out of press photos. This was done to maintain the moral purity of white women and therefore the white race. During slavery, more information is being revealed that not just white men were raping black boys and black girls but so were white women.The patriarchy?
    And, current "evils"of men? In schools with predominantly white female teachers, we have black children disproprortianelty being placed in special ed and disproportianely being suspended. Placing generations of black people, particularly black men to the school to prison pipe line. The female principal is reproduction and white women have done and continue to do is reproduce white supremacy.

  10. Sometimes I feel the whole world hates black women. Even a majority of black men refuse to give them the respect they have earned and should receive. Lord knows they deserve.

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