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8 Gruesome Facts About Notorious Female Slavemaster Madame LaLaurie

LaLaurie Balcony-min

She “Accidentally” Killed One of Her Young Enslaved Workers
In 1833 during a lavish soiree at her New Orleans mansion, Madame LaLaurie chased an enslaved girl over a balcony. The young girl, named Leah, accidentally hit a snag while combing her mistress’ hair. So, in a fit of rage,┬áMadame LaLaurie chased the girl around the room with a whip, following her through a hallway that led to the balcony. Young Leah took to the balcony’s railing to escape the enraged woman but lost her footing and fell to her death.



She Had Her Enslaved Workers Taken Away and Then Returned to Her
As she was unable to cover up the death of Leah, Madame LaLaurie was charged a $300 fine for abusing her enslaved workers. The mistreated workers were also taken away and sold at an auction. However, LaLaurie persuaded a relative to purchase the enslaved workers and return them back to her.

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