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Porsha Williams Gains More Support After Reunion Special Airs

#IStandWithPorsha trends nationally after Real Housewives fight Fans finally got a look at the on-air fight between The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality stars Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, but as it turns out, the Bravo television special caused more viewers to side with Porsha and even slam the network for hypocrisy.

When news broke that Porsha dragged Kenya by her hair during taping of the reunion show, many viewers took to their social media accounts to bash Porsha for becoming physical with her co-star.

Blogs and online petitions were created in the name of booting Porsha from the show.

Now all that has changed.

The first part of the reunion, aired on Sunday night, showed Kenya provoking Porsha with props and below-the-belt accusations that she cheated on her ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

Immediately after the fight, Porsha had a tearful breakdown, screaming that she embarrassed herself on television by letting Kenya push her to that point.

After the show was over, there seemed to be a huge swing in public opinion.

“It shouldn’t have gotten violent but kenya b pushing tht girl!,” one user tweeted with the hashtag #IStandWithPorsha.

Another tweet read, “#IStandWithPorsha because you not gon stick a bullhorn in my face but so many times before you get some of my nail polish in ur eyes.”

Kenya Moore provokes Porsha Williams during Real Housewives reunion Others felt as if Bravo truly dropped the ball and slammed the network as being “hypocritical.”

“This is so hypocritical! You let Kenya on w/ a megaphone! Bravo what did you THINK was gonna happen,” one user tweeted before following up with, “Bravo got EXACTLY what they wnted. Blieve they were JUMPING FOR JOY at tht fight #disgusting.”

Rumors have surfaced that Porsha will be fired from the show and fans are clearly upset about it because that rule hasn’t been enforced for so many other reality stars.

Even the show’s creator Andy Cohen received some serious backlash for the way he handled the situation afterward.

He apologized to Kenya for the way things happened, while Porsha was asked not to return to the set.

“And thumbs down to @andy for not holding Kenya accountable for ANY of her antics,” one tweet read that gained over 50 retweets.

While the network claims it is taking a stand against violence on its reality series, there seemed to be a disconnect between that message and the promotion during the show.

The preview before every commercial break during the reunion special showed Porsha and Kenya about to fight, making it the focal point of the show.

Attacking Kenya is still far from acceptable behavior, but whether Bravo and Andy Cohen need to be held accountable for what happened remains up for debate.

No official statement has been released regarding Porsha’s future on the show, but based on how quickly #IStandWithPorsha began trending nationwide, Bravo will certainly have to activate serious damage control if Porsha isn’t back for the next season.

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10 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Gains More Support After Reunion Special Airs

  1. Mike Peters says:

    Yes she gained support. There are a lot of fools out there just like her, including the rest of the RHOA gang. They all foolishly say, "I don't condone violence, but in this case….." How ignorant are they. Didn't they learn as children the sticks and stones rule? There is no woman in all the Housewives shows any more ratchet than NeNe Leakes herself, yet Bravo promotes her and gives her a spinoff, now Andy wants to say he don't condone violence too. He and Bravo not only condone it, they promote it. Just look at all the fights between the women and men on their shows, has of them EVER been fired because of their actions? I don't condone violence….. but if Porsha returns, Kenya should get even and snatch that bitch bald.

  2. LaVerne Clark says:

    Porsha should NEVER result to violence, she should have walked off the stage, fire her!!! They all said nasty things about each other and Bravo allowed this. I think RHOA need a new cast of women. The policy is no violence, fire Porsha, she put all her business out there and her name calling was just as bad as Kenya. Porsha really belittled herself by fighting she should be embarassed.

  3. They let "Ms. Dramatic Kenya" on TV with a megaphone and a wand. Come on what did Bravo think was going to happen. Bravo got exactly what they wanted.

  4. Krystal Worthy says:

    This is bravos fault, for allowing Kenya to point that stick in porsha and Cynthia's face. The madness should've been stopped at that point. She would've never had the chance to use that bullhorn. I for one will stop watching the show if they dismiss porsha.

  5. TEAM PORSHA!!! When you get bullied long enough, it's time to throw the first punch. Ms. KENYA MOORE WHORE got exactly what she wanted; that's what's pissing me off. Now she can sue Porsha, so she can get the money to pay her rent, so she won't be evicted again. KENYA MOORE WHORE wins in the end. She said it herself "I am a villain". UGH!!!

  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    modern day coonery, Jezebel stereotype

  7. Team Porsha here. You can only push a person so far. With all that she has endured, I'm sure she was at a breaking point. Kenya's dog died (boohoo), she can buy another dog. But Porsha is much younger and still learning how to cope with life's struggles. Bottom line if Porsha doesn't return to RHOA neither will I. #ISTANDWITHPORSHA

  8. Lisa Major says:

    Andy is an idiot for apologizing to Kenya! Both Andy and Kenya knew that those juvenile props would push anyone beyond the boiling point. Kenya is a conniving sociopath who is incapable of telling the truth in any situation. Bravo needs to get that heifer psychological help instead if exploiting her mental instability. Unlike Cynthia, who just sat there like a bump on a log and let Kenya blast her ear drums off – Prosha simply put a stop to the madness, which is what the host should have done before it escalated to violence. Shame on Andy!

  9. Andy was laughing at Kenya and never onces thought she was going to far. That was brutality. Porsha was suffering on that stage and asked Kenya to stop over
    n over again. If Porsha is fired; I love Nene but I will not watch rhoa ever again.

    Kenya is playing a game to get more aire time and more money. Sad example of a woman. Straight bully.

  10. Eileen John says:

    If stick n stones can brake ur bones so can a sceptre hurt you, plus she was dissing Porsha n behaving like a big bully. She get what she deserves n should have gottn a bald head.!

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