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Kenya Moore’s 9-1-1 Call Released After Brawl With Porsha Williams

Kenya Moore tells 911 dispatcher she's been assaulted Reality television star Porsha Williams apparently took things way too far when she got into an altercation with co-star Kenya Moore during the taping of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion special.

Kenya actually called 9-1-1 after the alleged “beat down” and told the dispatcher on the other end that she had just been assaulted at the Biltmore Hotel on West Peachtree Street in Atlanta.

When asked who had assaulted her, Kenya very calmly responded, “Porsha Williams.”

She then explained the situation to the dispatcher saying that Porsha hit her in the head and fought with her.

Throughout the entire call, Kenya sounded underwhelmed and rather emotionless.

According to her Twitter account, Kenya was more annoyed than anything else.

Shortly after the brawl broke out, Kenya took to Twitter to tell her fans that there is one thing they will never see her engage in and that’s a fight – the validity of that statement remains questionable.

Either way, producers and fans of the Bravo show seem to agree with Kenya on this one, as cable network has a strict policy against violence on their reality programs.

That policy has led to speculation that Porsha will be fired from the show for physically attacking her co-star.

Porsha Williams beats Kenya Moore during RHOA reunion Despite some reports describing the altercation as a brutal “beat down,” other sources are now claiming that the violence lasted only for a matter of seconds and mainly involved more hair-pulling than fist-throwing.

US Weekly reported that Kenya, despite initial reports, was never actually dragged by her hair.

The magazine reports that producers are taking their time making such a huge decision about firing Porsha or keeping her around, and there are “a lot of conversations” that need to happen before they can decide on their next move.

Rumors had already sparked that Porsha was on the chopping block for boring the viewers, so the brawl could very well be the last straw.

Then again, it could be just enough drama to keep the reality star around.

Only time will tell.

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