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8 Celebrity Co-Parents You May Not Know

Angie Martinez and NokioCelebrity radio DJ Angie Martinez of New York’s Hot 97 and R&B singer Nokio of Dru Hill have a child together. The couple were romantically linked in the past, which led to the birth of their son Niko.

Niko is the young boy in Martinez’s arms in the photo above. He is now 10 years old.

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17 thoughts on “8 Celebrity Co-Parents You May Not Know

  1. Why is Gloria Valez on this list, When did she become BLACK?

  2. When did she become A celebrity what is she known for besides being A public slut?

  3. How can Gloria Valez not be black? She's from S. America somewhere and all her features is black don't let the bleached tone color fool you. Go study their history you'll find out

  4. Kermit Blackwood says:

    Chris Williams is not Austin Dash's father.

  5. Brian Williams says:

    There are millions of Black Latin people from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Go watch Black in Latin America documentary.

  6. Yes he is use Google magic! Also he they both say that he is on Christopher Williams Unsung Epp!

  7. Thomarah Turner Johnson As Austin is my son I can assure you your "google magic" is another example of bad intelligence.
    The only noteworthy consequence of Chris's relationship with Stacey is he helped her with her gun markmanship. What he deserves credit for is permanently damaging Halle.

  8. Brian Williams or read the work of ivan van sertima

  9. Brian Williams Umm…but is Gloria one of them?

  10. Nancy George says:

    Kermit Blackwood So if he is your son why did the mother give him another man's last name (Williams) and not yours!? Are u obsessed with Stacy Dash or someting!?

  11. Nancy George says:

    Kermit Blackwood tha's not true about Chistopher Wms & Halle! Sure they had dated but so did she & Wesley Snipes, who was Christopher's good buddy. Wesley is actually the one that abused Halle, caused her hearing loss-no Christoper so get your facts straight.

  12. Nancy George You'll have to ask Stacey that question, or better yet Austin.
    Check out my facebook page and check yourself.

  13. LeCore Noir says:

    Kermit Blackwood How about a DNA test result document to shut of people who doubt your words. Sometimes, it is best to show prove and let the documents speak for themselves. Women can add any name of a birth certificate, they treat babies like a doll. As if Jesus had sex with them and nutted that breathing seed in their unbreathing egg. It takes two. I don't like to go too deep into science but sometimes the truth sets us all free. Now, whether or not you are the father, putting your business on front street to a bunch of strangers may be the way to go when you can't get results from judges or the court. Money talks. Exposing the truth is the best approach. I am super close to exposing my child's mother as well but God is making me have second thoughts. Lucky her, sad story for my son who will probably never have the experience of spending time with his biological pops. I have more nuts I can provide more to some other eggs available. Life goes on brother but make sure to record your actions. Triffling shit.

  14. LeCore Noir I'm not caught up on nonsense. Austin and I are hardly strangers. We are as good as can be expected given the extraneous circumstances we've been dealt with. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about the situation. That said, I'm not about to put up with any more disinformation regarding MY son's parentage, especially when it keeps circling back to an onerous lie. Chris Williams is not Austin's biological father and we all know it. By "all" I mean Stacey, Austin and myself. Stacey has never once publicly acknowledged who Austin's biological father is. She is very careful to avoid that subject altogether. As she well should be. If she were put on the spot she might just get caught admiting that she stole a boy from his father and did so for no logical reason beyond unmitigated selfishness, an entitlement of her own malignant narcissism.

    I'm publishing my memoirs soon. I take a sledgehammer to every brick and morter lie she's perpetuated painting the scene to fit her narratives.

  15. FED UP says:

    You know what’s truly amazing everyone who believes they are privy to who father who is the mother of who. You freaking don’t know squat..who cares if she’s not African American, does that mean she’s not black? You sitting on a damn computer acting as if you know the business of those people. GET A DAMN LIFE THE NERVE TO ARGUE OVER SOMEONE ELSE DAMN BUSINESS .

  16. FED UP says:

    Folks are so lost but not in music.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Kurupt is not from long beach.
    Kurupt is from south central LA

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