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Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Discuss ‘Ride Along’, Taking Risks, and Plans for 2014

jetexcActor and comedian Kevin Hart has teamed up with rapper Ice Cube in the new movie ‘Ride Along’.  The movie is about a cantankerous officer, played by Ice Cube, who takes his future brother-in-law (Hart) in the field to see not only whether he has the chops to be a cop, but whether he’s worthy of the right to marry his sister.

JET magazine caught up with the big-screen stars, to discuss the new movie and to hear about some of the plans they have for the new year.

JET: Why did you agree to do the project?

Ice Cube: It was fun with a simple premise. I wanted it to be entertaining and for us to be compared to some of the great comedy duos. From ’48 Hours’ to ‘Lethal Weapon’ to ‘Bad Boys’, I wanted ‘Ride Along’ to have the same feel. I’ve been watching Kevin for awhile and I like that his delivery style works for any crowd, Black or white. There are ‘hood comedians and the crossover comedians, and he can cross over easily and connect to a wide audience. That is a good asset; Kevin isn’t one-dimensional.

Kevin Hart: First and foremost, it was the opportunity to work with Ice Cube. I have always been a big fan. Then I read the script and it was hilarious. I teamed up with a producer partner and all the pieces of the puzzle came together, so everything was right.

JET: You say the field is a gamble. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

Hart: I took a gamble when I quit my job, which meant putting my all into stand-up comedy. That really could’ve gone either way, but it’s hard to tell me something isn’t going to work, especially when I’m betting on myself. I know what I’m capable of.

JET: What’s on deck for 2014?

Ice Cube: I’m working on a movie about NWA and music. Of course, I’m always focused on my family. I have a 19-year-old daughter and my youngest son is 13. I’m teaching them to make sound decisions and to know right from wrong; it really isn’t complicated.

Hart: I’m working on scripts and a new show for ABC. I still have ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ and about four movies lined up. I’m looking forward to making more films and producing more projects under Hartbeat Productions. I want to show people this guy won’t stop.

“Ride Along” hits theaters Jan. 17.

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