Chris Brown Faces Possible Jail Time Again After Probation is Revoked


Chris Brown DCA judge revoked  Chris Brown’s probation on Monday because of charges the R&B star arising from an incident in D.C., which means Brown could be facing jail time next year.

Brown’s legal troubles don’t seem to be getting any better, unfortunately.

Back in October, Brown was accused of punching a man who wanted to take a picture with him and the resulting assault charges means the “Fine China” singer is in violation of his probation.

Brown will be due back in court in February so the judge can decide what the consequences of the violation will be and jail time is certainly still on the table.

The good news for Brown is that his progress in rehab for anger management earned him a few brownie points with the judge.

The judge complimented the star on his progress and decided not to take him into custody after the hearing.

According to Brown’s progress report from the program he has managed to “emotionally regulate himself” and has been participating in weekly boot camps to help him continue his progress.

As for his current status on the misdemeanor assault charges from the D.C. incident, Brown is due back in court in January for that hearing, the results of which will likely have a huge impact on whether he has to face jail time for violating probation.

The victim from that incident suffered a broken nose but Brown’s legal team insists that it was the singer’s bodyguard who punched the man and not Brown.

As an added twist, two witnesses also came forward with completely opposing stories.

A secret service agent claims he overheard the victim admit that Brown never touched him, while a nearby eyewitness claimed he saw the entire altercation and saw Brown punch the victim in the face.

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