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Secret Service Might Save Chris Brown While LA Probation Officials Go After Him

Chris Brown witness claims star never hit assault victim Chris Brown had a huge target on his back as far as the Los Angeles Probation Department was concerned, but it looks like a Secret Service agent is about to save Brown from doing jail time once again.

Breezy has been wrapped up in tons of law-breaking fiascos lately, but the R&B star has never had to spend time behind bars for any of his actions.

This time, his saving grace is coming from an unexpected source – the Secret Service.

According to official documents from Washington D.C., where Brown allegedly punched a man in the face and broke his nose on Oct. 27, a witness overheard the alleged victim tell a police officer that the “Love More” singer never hit him.

When later asked about what the victim said, the cop claimed he had no such conversation with the man, and stated that he never heard the victim admit that Brown didn’t hit him.

The witness who overheard the conversation, however, just happens to be a Secret Service agent. Talk about having a credible witness.

The agent claims that he is certain he heard the alleged victim admit that only the bodyguard put his hands on him and that’s a right that Brown’s security reserves if they feel that a fan is getting to close to him.

The Secret Service agent’s story lines up perfectly with Brown’s version of events.

“I was on the [tour] bus when I guess someone tried to get on and my bodyguard handled it,” Brown told police officers around 4:30 a.m. that Sunday, just a few minutes after the incident.

Chris Brown may not face jail time in assault caseThe tattoo-covered crooner was initially facing felony assault charges before those were finally downgraded to misdemeanor charges. If he is found guilty of the misdemeanor assault charges, Brown could be facing up to 180 days in jail.

Of course, the real good news for Breezy is that if the agent’s testimony can prove that he wasn’t involved in the spat, then it will be extremely difficult for probation officers to claim he violated probation. In other words, that four-year jail sentence might get tossed out the window.

While that may be good news for Chris, it’s probably a frustrating new development for the LA County Probation Department.

Probation officers were reportedly unimpressed when Brown checked into an anger management center, and didn’t see anything genuine about the strategic move. One official described it as “too little, too late.”

According to TMZ, probation officials are actually embarrassed by all the crazy stunts Chris has been able to pull without serving any major jail time.

“Probation is gunning for this guy,” the source said. “They’re embarrassed by what he’s done over the last two years and they’ve had it.”

Ever since Chris was on probation he has reportedly gotten into a parking lot brawl with Frank Ocean; threatened a valet worker over $10; been involved in a hit-and-run accident; been accused of assault on more than one occasion; and tagged the side of a building with gang-affiliated graffiti.


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