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Minister Lashes Out at Erica Campbell, Calls Outfit Ungodly

Erica-Campbell-White-DressErica Campbell of Grammy-winning gospel group Mary Mary is gearing up for the release of her new album and celebrating her first Grammy nomination as a solo artist. But instead of enjoying this exciting time in her career, the songstress is under attack by many of her fans for being too sexy in a new promo shot.

Although 41-year-old Campbell is covered from neck to calf in a white body-conscious dress, some critics say she doesn’t look holy enough.

“THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman…but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints…smh COME ON,” wrote one minister, who goes by Apostle Stacey Woods on Facebook. Gospel site A Toast 2 Wealth chimed in, “The sexy attire takes any man or woman’s mind off God and onto other things that aren’t godly.”

This kind of response from the masses is similar to when actress Meagan Good was ripped to shreds via social media for wearing a revealing and form-fitting dress as she and husband‚ minister DeVon Franklin‚ attended the 2013 BET Awards. It’s hard not to wonder where one should draw the line when being the face of the gospel.

Producer and megastar Kirk Franklin faced ridicule when he began producing gospel music that was similar to the sound and tone of secular music in the early 1990s. With shows like Bravo’s “Thicker Than Water” and Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A.”, it is hard to gauge what people believe is appropriate behavior for Christians. Those shows are just as questionable as the controversial dress as they seem to promote the love of things like fancy cars, palatial estates and money.

In regards to Campbell, not all of the comments were negative. Lisa Holloway said, “I think people, especially Christians, are too uptight. It’s nothing wrong with being a Christian and portraying sex appeal.”

After a flood of responses to her previous tweet regarding Campbell’s choice of clothing, Woods took to the site American Preachers to elaborate on her feelings:

“My intent was this:

1. I want women of God to represent the KINGDOM without feeling as though they must become a sex symbol. THE WORLD sells sex, THE KINGDOM SHOULD PROMOTE JESUS.

2. Gospel music is MINISTRY, not just an art form or a genre of music.

3. We compel men to come through our love for Jesus, but when we wear things that are distracting, the message is somehow lost and it becomes abut US and not about Him.

4. I’ve seen TOO MANY…TOO MANY people dress inappropriately in ministry and THIS was only ONE example. While what I stated was seen as an attack, nobody saw the numerous videos that have been released to promote healthy self-esteem, beauty tips, fashion tips, or even the women’s conferences that did REAL outreach…providing clothing, shoes, and most importantly, JESUS. If a leader can not say that certain behaviors in the church are inappropriate, WHO CAN? Are we all [supposed] to close our eyes as gospel artist with revealing outfits sing about Jesus but bounce all over the stage in ways that can only be compared to the club? Are we just supposed to hush up about it and pray? Why not say to little girls that want to grow up to be JUST LIKE THEM, there is a better way to represent ourselves as women of God, and that was simply a bad wardrobe choice?

Let it be known, I am NOT jealous, envious, or lustful. I am a woman of God, curvy too, that will say that I desire to see us represent Jesus in a way that exudes HOLINESS and not sexiness.”

“Help” is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2014.

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43 thoughts on “Minister Lashes Out at Erica Campbell, Calls Outfit Ungodly

  1. Elisa Hudson says:

    This is straight bull. She looks beautiful. If she was flat chested in the same outfit with young boy like hips, no one would say anything. These so called people of faith, sitting in judgement need to clean their own closets and stay out of hers. Envious and dirty minded is what you seem to be.

  2. Rochelle DaStylist Powell says:

    I see nothing wrong with her attire. She is fully covered. She is a woman and she has curves. Would they put down a woman with enormous boobs and she wore close fitted clothes? How should a woman of God dress? I see alot of woman in ministry wear. Shall they wear cloths that cannot fit them?

  3. UR Funee says:

    I'm wondering why people expect Erica or Tina to dress like Christian women. They dress like what and who they are! A few years ago when one of them was a judge on Sunday's best, she was flashing her breast. This is modest for them. Now for Christian women, this is very suggestive, almost whorish…..

  4. Sherry Oglesby says:

    Apostle Stacey Woods, please don't judge or try to influence others to adhere to your personal opinion, from the bible I read my impression are, people of God, do not pass judgment, what does her outerwear have to do with her faith…to me that was a personal attack.

  5. Have several seats!!! Judge not les ye be judged!!! She looks awesome

  6. Do not misquote the Word of GOD R USE IT IN PART LIKE THE atheist or infidel 4 wickedness…!

  7. So much wickedness among the Sistah's or woe'man the black family

  8. Is it not amazing people use sex.ite and lust.ite conduct 4 the love of money and the lust 4 money that appeals 2 silly and foolish captive women who r catamites… Need scripture 4 that?

  9. Now that seems to b a problem with carnal women or woe'men that see nothing wrong with conduct sending the brothas 2 prison 4 mammon or lust. Child behavior. Smh @ ignorance…
    the Warden

  10. Rochelle DaStylist Powell says:

    I don't understand Jonathan Hines, Elaborate!

  11. Rochelle DaStylist Powell says:

    Jonathan Hines I ready this again and I see were you are going with this. I just want to say there are alot of woman in the ministry that wear close fitting cloths whether it is a suit, pants or dress. I personally don't see anything wrong with it. You carnal woman or woe' man, we are all sexual beings but when you know God you shall control your lust because your body is your temple. As for going to jail…. That an individual matter if that person can't control his own mind set.. I think that person should definitely seek God. I would just leave it on this note! No ignorance here! Smh @ mental incapacity!

    Galatians 5:16 ESV

    But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

    1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 ESV

    For this is the will of God, your sanctification:[a]that you abstain from sexual immorality;

    4 that each one of you know how to control his own body[b] in holiness and honor,

    5 not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God;

  12. Black people get thee an Original African Heritage Study Bible and stop being silly or foolish about the fashion of this world. 1 Corinthians 6:, 7:, and Galatians 5:! B not ignorant, so STUDY 2…

  13. John than it sounds like your going to far you don't know the women of god heart. Stop judgeing her by her clothes her lifestyle speaks for it self. Be blessed my brother.

  14. African heritage has nothing to do with the bible

  15. Femi Femous Olotu says:

    Sabrina Jones only wicked use them words dat shall not judge, to justify there actions. if u comment a crime and ppl say u done wrong r they wrong for judging u

  16. It is a pretty dress and she looks very nice, but I dont think it was appropriate.

  17. It just amazes me how judgmental people are in the church and in the KINGDOM. Cast out the beam or the tree in your own eye before trying to cast out specks in someone elses………I guess that verse(paraphrased) is always conveniently omitted when it comes to these types of discussions…….GOD bless…..

  18. Jennifer Stacy Mayer says:

    Good grief. So only homely women in burlap can be Godly? She is a beautiful woman, and she is covered. If a person can't look at her without having utterly sinful thoughts, then perhaps that person needs to be examining those thoughts rather than Ms. Campbell's body.

  19. Eboni Moorer-Singer says:

    And she is working that dress!!!! I thinks she looks good!!!!!

  20. Chris Carter says:

    Read the comments posted by vast majority of women below.
    These women have no problem with a married woman who claims to be a Christian wearing "sexy clothing" in a photo shoot.
    "Don't Judge" is the battle cry for these ignorant attention whores.

    The don't judge mentality is why Black women lead the U.S percentage wise in just about every negative category.
    Bastard babies: Don't judge
    Multiple bastards by different men: Don't judge
    STD's: Don't judge
    Impoverished: Don't judge
    Highest abortion rate: Don't judge
    Least likely to get married: Don't judge
    Least likely to understand that the "sexy attire" should be reserved for their husband after marriage: Don't judge

  21. Lavern Kidd says:

    YEA RIGHT! The same wratched females who state how good she looks, and she's just a curvaceous woman, know good and jolley damn well, they would not be singing her praises if she sashayed past their man or even attempted to flirt with him, in THAT dress Sun morning, or any other morning! Hypocrites! That dress is not appropriate for the profession she has chosen. Keep telling yourselves that it is.

  22. Katie Scott says:

    You are so funny LaVern!

  23. Gerald Lane says:

    Only the wicked say do not judge? Wow. Maybe what's inappropriate is the thoughts people are having when they view that photo. ijs

  24. Femi, only the wicked say don't judge? Lmao you and Jonathan are one of a kind. I assure you you both have committed uglier sins than I. And more importantly you sound completely ignorant in a public forum. If more people's Sunday actions reflected their behavior the other 6 days of the week I assure you the world wouldn't be in the condition it is. I have my own mind, and because it doesn't mirror yours that doesn't make me wrong. My opinion is my own and the difference between you and I…I understand that and more importantly respect it..Now run along and brush up on your grammar it's an important skill needed to interpret the bible!!!

  25. Omg Stacey Stop Hating. Time have change..she looks great and don't hate u might need a makeover.old people hats is out dated . Let keep it real she is working that outfit and shoes. She ain't gonna make no money. With them olepeople clothes on. Stacey woods sthu and get u a makeover in that order. My opinion who cares what the next will say.they will talk about. Hell. TD jake brag bout his suits nowone. Say anythang but pay is tides.pimpin preachers in that order

  26. Lavern stop it and have u one fited. U can do it 2 god see u and hear u this time he say u wrong time have changes obama in the white house black manll

  27. I applaud Apostle Stacy. As Christians neither women nor men should have dress in a manner that is SEXUAL in public (save that for the married bedroom) in order to be SEXY…For all who say Apostle Stacy was judgemental, I have news for you: contrary to misquided belief the Bible does not condemn human to human judgement as it pertains to criticism of behavior. When Jesus said, "Judge not lest ye be judged first," it may as if he was condemning judgement. Wrong! If we read and quote Matthew 7:1-5 we get the full understanding of this particular teaching on judgement. The kind of judgement Jesus spoke against was hypocritical judgement. Which Jesus made clear when he said, "Before you take the mote out of your brother's eye you must first take the beam out your own eye." To quote one verse out of the Bible that is in a gruop of verses which teaches on a particular subject will cause us to quote the Bible out of context…#givemeJESUS

  28. Erica Joseph says:

    Apostle Woods seems to have forgtten that The Lord said come as you are. YES she has curves, but her TRUE fans are paying attention to the content of her lyrics and THE MESSAGE she is delivering NOT what she is wearing.

  29. Anonymous says:

    ROFL..only lascivious, horny and lustful people (particularly some men) are so disturbed by Mrs. Campbell's attire. Put down the CD cover boys and look at your bible covers. Or if you're feeling all offended by a calf length, longsleeve, turtleneck dress, lest you be any more offended, pluck those eyes out boys! The rest of us adults are absorbing Erica's ministry through the beautiful sound she makes in praise our Lord.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Who are these people to be judging anybody? She is a woman of God who happens to be beautiful and curvy. Now if these so called men of God can't focus on the ministry she is providing through her music, maybe they need to hit their knees and get before God. The people of the church are so quick to stand and judge others and none of these people determine who makes it to heaven or not. Maybe they just need to focus on whatever their ministry for the Lord is and stop judging others when they don't have a Heaven or hell to send anyone to.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I think if it offends you or upsets you that's fine, but to publicly blast someone for your interpretation on the Word is a slippery slope. In the end it does not matter what I think or anyone else for that matter. We are so quick to judge each other. I am learning that the only opinion that matters in the end is His.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I'm offended that you would call yourself an APOSTLE, plz , God NEVER called any woman to PREACH!! judge that…

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wow ,come as you are, what scripture is that?

  34. Janet Bowser says:

    nothing but the truth

  35. The sex vixen image in Christianity and shake ya a** for the Lord videos are a testament to how Gospel music is just like any other genre of music now, ESPECIALLY for the Black community. It is pretty much inspirational secular music. That s ALL. No one is saying she should be homely, but she knows full well she would nit wear that to church on Sunday.

  36. The dress is not a problem,its dirty ole' preachers,clothes dont get you into heaven,you got preacher's molesting kids,"boys and girls" raping, all kinds of sexual harrasment,etc…but anyway love the dress,beautiful..

  37. The dress is not a problem,its dirty ole' preachers,clothes dont get you into heaven,you got preacher's molesting kids,"boys and girls" raping, all kinds of sexual harrasment,etc…but anyway love the dress,beautiful..

  38. Paul Neil says:

    I'm late to the party BUT look at all of these immature black women defending a Christian woman dressing inappropriately. What a shame. Worldly as heck, that's the problem.

  39. Paul Neil says:

    I'm late to the party BUT look at all of these immature black women defending a Christian woman dressing inappropriately. What a shame. Worldly as heck, that's the problem.

  40. Paul Neil says:

    The bible says the dress is the problem.

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