Meagan Good Shares Secret to Marriage Success

Since when is marriage a bad thing? Apparently when one former sex symbol and her preacher husband discuss the keys to a successful marriage it’s cause for public disdain. Meagan Good and her husband Devon Franklin addressed a Morehouse College panel sponsored by Wal-mart to discuss the benefits of being a happily wedded union. The panel entitled, “Black Love and Relationships” featured Good, Franklin and other long-time married couples who discussed what it takes to make ‘happily ever after.’

The new Mrs. Franklin had this to say during the panel:  “For me, one of the biggest things was working on myself first before I was actually working at marriage. Really seeing the areas where I was damaged; the areas where I was struggling; really seeking a marriage with God first. And once I did, that started to kind of clean up my life in certain areas” She continued, “That’s when I started to get confirmation that marriage was coming and I started to get direct confirmation about even who my husband was…I think at that point that’s when God will give you clarity even if it’s years down the line. There’s things that have to happen before (marriage) can happen so focus on those things first.”

With so many examples of bad relationships and marriage among black people showcased on reality television, music and other mediums, the backlash that Good sometimes faces as a result of being married is confusing. Instead of black women seeing Meagan as someone to aspire to, in some cases, she is torn down because of her former sexy girl image.

However, her husband is quick to come to her defense. During the panel held at Morehouse College, Mr. Franklin addressed the ground rules for ‘new school’ dating and keeping an open mind. “So in terms of dating, I would just say date less and be more intentional in your dating. Doesn’t mean everybody you’re gonna date, you’re gonna marry. But really actually be serious about that person. My boys who aren’t married date for sport and treat these women like possessions…” Of course, many unmarried and dating women can relate to that. He went on to say, “If you’re not serious, be honest and say “I’m not serious. So if you wanna hang with me, just know that you’re getting the not serious brother right now.” Be honest… The other side with women, you gotta really allow love to come to you in the way God has it for you. And this is hard because sometimes (you say) “I want him to look like this and he’s gotta be that” and all of these things. But listen. I told everybody I would never date an actress. It would never happen. And I married one because I was open to God’s plan for my life…”

By keeping his option open, he was able to marry a woman who had admittedly done the work on herself in order to attract the type of husband she wanted and could build longevity with. Is Meagan Good an example of someone who changed her life and attained what many women, black or otherwise, want for themselves? Is her story an illustration of how keeping God first can help you find your better half?

As she’s only been married for about a year or so, many people are skeptical of her ‘newlywed’ bliss talking. However, since the couple did date for a while prior to marriage, is it safe to say they have experience with overcoming some obstacles so they can give advice to other young couples? While I’m not married, I don’t know that I would knock their advice as it seems to have worked for them. What’s your take?

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