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Fashion Madness: Best, Worst Dressed of the 2013 AMAs Red Carpet

The 2013 American Music Awards were interesting, to say the least, and the red carpet warned everyone that the night was going to get a little freaky before the show even began. From faux horses to the see-through trend being taken to the extreme, the red carpet brought out the best and worst of some people’s glam squads.

Worst Dressed List

Zoe Saldana is an absolutely stunning girl, so when even she can’t make a dress look chic, the dress needs to be tossed out the window. Zoe’s dress was the result of some pretty sketchy patchwork and just didn’t make any sense. Everything from her hemline to the silver panel on the already ugly print forced Zoe right on to our worst dressed list with no questions asked.

Red Carpet American Music Awards

Heidi Klum’s dress is one that doesn’t even need an explanation for why it’s topping every worst dressed list that has been created since the awards aired Sunday night.

Emma Roberts should know better. Do you all remember the big “Balloon Boy” madness from 2012? Well apparently nothing good can come out of that aluminum space ship balloon–especially not a red carpet gown.

2 Chainz, the rapper, stole the red carpet shine from everyone as far as the worst dressed list goes. The “Birthday Song” star showed up to the red carpet dressed as the hardest level on Tetris, and that’s just inexcusable.

Lil Mama did nothing right at the AMAs. Matching her green hair with a black and green dress, unfortunately, was just the beginning of her bad decisions of the night. The strange gown was nothing compared to Lil Mama’s performance with the surviving members of TLC, which sent Twitter into a huge frenzy with people accusing Lil Mama of not remembering the words, executing the wrong dance moves and having the audacity to stretch her “Left Eye” role to a live performance.

 Best Dressed List

MIley Cyrus rocks white suit to AMA red carpet

Miley Cyrus, believe it or not, actually put away the costumes and saved her big reveal for the stage instead of prancing down the red carpet in a bizarre outfit. Her simple white blazer and pant combination almost made us forgive her for all her strange antics–until she performed “Wrecking Ball” in a cat bikini with a strange singing cat graphic in the back.

Naya Rivera Glee star at AMA 2013 red carpet

Naya Rivera shot to the top of the red carpet fashion totem pole.  Kerry Washington’s pregnancy left the role as queen of the red carpet open, and Naya stepped into it.  The “Glee” actress stepped out in a stunning black gown with a flowing train and kept her accessories to a minimum for a timeless, yet sexy look.

Ciara Best dressed see through panel gown

Ciara had a lot of people on the fence about her red carpet look and whether or not she took the see through panel trend way too far. The thing is, when you have a body like Ciara’s the see-through panel trend rarely ever goes too far. While the dress was a little on the busy side, Ciara still looked  stunning in the statement dress.

Jordin Sparks black and gold gown at American Music Awards

Jordin Sparks wore a gorgeous black and gold gown that cinched in around her waist and flashed all the leg the AMAs needed for the night without her having to repeat an Angelina Jolie pose all the way down the red carpet.

The Downright Confusing

So amid people making a few unfortunate style choices, some stars simply had no redeemable qualities about their outfit. Not only do these outfits leave a lot to be desired, but they also left many viewers downright confused.

R. Kelly in a dress? Or was it man skirt? Why so much leather? Is Kanye West or Future to blame for this fashion fiasco? So many questions and just not enough answers.

Lady Gaga bizarre entrance at AMA 2013

Lady Gaga: While the dress honestly isn’t awful, the horse gimmick was extremely distracting and, well, ridiculous. Keep this up and people will be begging you to perform in space and stay there, Lady Gaga.

Akon worst dressed American Music Awards

Akon, we have a question? Whose idea was it to put “Never Surrender” on a dominatrix outfit and then let a buff R&B star wear it to the 2013 AMAs?

Social Media Standout: Rihanna

Every year someone’s look inspires an onslaught of social media criticisms and gives birth to hilarious memes in a matter of seconds. At the 2013 AMAs Rihanna was the social media standout of the evening. While her outfit was actually pretty trendy from the neck down, hitting the stage with her hair wrapped wasn’t excused by Planet Instagram or the Twitterverse just because she used diamond pins to secure it.

Rihanna hair wrapped AMA 2013


Rihanna American Music Awards 2013

Best and Worst dressed American Music Awards 2013

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