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Report: Rihanna, Drake Drop $17,000 on Strippers in Houston

Chris Brown rihanna back togetherRapper Drake has returned to the R&B songstress he reportedly fought fellow musician Chris Brown over. While Brown and Drake haven’t shaken hands and made up, it appears the Toronto-born artist and Rihanna are back on good terms.

Rihanna was first spotted in Houston earlier this week attending Drake’s concert at the Toyota Center. The singer was in town for a stop on her Diamond’s world tour. The couple continued the party at a local strip club called V Live Gentlemen’s Club.

According to E! News:

“Jhonni Blaze who says that she danced for the pair for over three hours last night stated that Rihanna arrived at V Live Gentlemen’s Club alone at around 2 a.m. and, half an hour later, Drake showed up and asked club security to move Rihanna over to his section.

“And once they were together, they ‘looked like a couple,’ sat very close to each other and were even dressed alike, Blaze recalled. She said the two were ‘really cool people.'”

Rih-Rih reportedly parted with $5,000 while Drake was more generous with $12,000.

According to the dancer, Rihanna and Drake exited the club together.

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  1. Dmax Lomax says:

    No class=No class and not enough money in the world can buy it, lol.

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