Chris Brown Countersuing Frank Ocean’s Cousin For Parking Lot Brawl

Chris Brown fights back in Frank Ocean lawsuit Chris Brown is countersuing Frank Ocean’s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte over that nasty parking lot brawl that happened back in January.

Frank Ocean’s cousin was injured by Brown’s bodyguard during the beat down at the top of the year, but waited until August to sue the R&B star for his bodyguard’s actions.

Well, now it’s Chris’ turn to file his own paperwork.

According to the tattoo-covered crooner, it was Frank Ocean’s cousin who actually initiated the fight after he threatened Brown’s life and therefore he needs to be responsible for all the injuries and damages to the building.

His version of events is extremely different than Duarte’s, which is only to be expected in a case like this.

Brown said that he was trying to avoid a physical confrontation and he even let Duarte kick and punch him several times before he decided to retaliate.

In addition to claiming he was under attack first, Brown also said that Duarte threatened his life and that’s when the tension really began to build.

The countersuit paints Ocean’s cousin as being “aggressive and hostile” and “motivated by money.”

That could very well be the case considering that Duarte is coming after Brown for a whopping $2.4 million.

“Duarte’s demand for $2 million is absurd,” the “Fine China” singer said.

This is only the latest in Breezy’s string of legal battles.

In addition to facing assault charges after a fan in D.C. accused Brown of punching him in the face when he tried to take a picture with him, Brown is also in hot water with the LA County Probation Department that is eager to slap him with a four year jail sentence if they can prove he was involved in the D.C. fight.

Meanwhile, there is a little good news for Brown in the legal world. He can officially wipe his hands clean of his most infamous brawl yet.

There was an onslaught of legal troubles that stemmed from Chris Brown and Drake’s bottle-throwing feud in 2012.

Rumor has it the two men were duking it out over Rihanna at the New York hotspot W.i.P., but they caught too many other patrons in the crossfire.

Over a dozen attorneys were called into Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh’s chambers on Wednesday where they hoped to finally reach a settlement.

The attorneys represented a variety of clients, but most of them were there for patrons who had been severely injured in the club that night.

While the doors were closed to the media, one legal representative did suggest that a settlement has finally been reached and it appears the club owner will have to take the blame for what happened, instead of the two rappers.

Even more bad news for the club owner is that another Manhattan judge, unconnected to the club brawl case, denied the club request to keep its doors open even though the city Building Department snatched its certificate of operation over the summer.

It turned out the club was actually running without the proper permit and was in violation of fire codes for having drapes blocking the emergency exit doors.


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