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Kanye Ain’t No Punk: Kim and Kanye Both Agree to Prenup

“If you ain’t no punk, holla we want prenup! We want prenup!”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may struggle to agree on matters like privacy and fashion, but both of the wealthy stars knew right away that they wanted a prenup before they tied the knot.

It’s been almost 10 years since Kanye rapped those infamous words on his song “Gold Digger,” and he’s certainly living up to his lyrics.

While the Chicago native insisted he isn’t expecting the relationship to fall apart, he understands that signing a prenup is simply the smart thing to do.

It isn’t surprising at all to see that Kanye wanted the prenup, but it was a little more unexpected to learn that Kim Kardashian was completely on board for keeping their assets separate as well.

Some sources claim that Kim was pushing harder for the prenup than Kanye was.

TMZ reported that Kim’s father, attorney Robert Kardashian, was always reminding Kim of the importance of having “clear contracts when it came to money.”

That doesn’t necessarily explain why she’s getting a prenup with Kanye when she did get prenups with her previous marriages. Perhaps that 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries and the divorce process that lasted three times longer than the marriage were enough of a wake-up call for the curvy reality star.

Regardless of what encouraged them to make the decision, it’s obviously a really wise one for the couple.

Don’t think that all their dollars will be kept separately, however. Kimye will have a joint bank account that will be used for family expenses and with both of the stars making millions every year, we’re pretty sure that account will surely be the center of conflict if the couple does decide to call it quits.

The soon-to-be newlyweds are also taking momager Kris Jenner’s, advice about getting married quickly.

Kris Jenner advised the pair to hurry up and rush to a secret location to tie the knot if they weren’t interested in having tons of media attention, and it seems they couldn’t have agreed more.

Although the ceremony is expected to be lavish and extravagant, sources revealed that Kim and Kanye are in a rush to get married and won’t stay engaged for very long at all.

The way Kanye is about planning things, he just might have actually started planning the wedding before Kim even accepted the proposal.

In the midst of getting ready to tie the knot, the couple is also having issues with a friend or employee of the AT&T Park in San Francisco who secretly taped the big proposal and leaked it to media.

While the video has already been published to TMZ and a few other entertainment websites, the duo is ready to press charges as soon as they find out who leaked the tape.






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